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I love what you're going for here. I like the pixel art, the idea - the sounds got bit to much echo for my taste but it's an interesting effect non the less.

I'd like to see the character automatically turn towards the rock I hold left mouse button on instead of manually turning him with WASD.

I feel like the rock tileset would need a bit more hight, it looks so flat compared to the oven and the PC. Not looking bad but just.. flat - probably just an artistic preference on my end.

The UI obviously still is pretty clunky to use.

I think the amount of ppl reacting to what you did here is mainly because of the juicy visuals & animations presenting your game on the site and your obvious passion for it. Also your Trello board looks awesome. Keep that up :)

Best of luck with your game.

I've sent you a request on discord.

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Hello everyone,

I'm looking for an experienced programmer and colleague in general to work on an small pixel art game project.  I'm an "beginner" pixel artist (doing it couple years now, but not very often) from Germany with experience in programming myself using the LÖVE framework (lua). 

My main goals for the collaboration will be to improve my pixel art skills and finish a fully polished game project. For the project itself I would like to develop a new idea, setting and concept together. I prefer action / adventure / arcade based genres. 

As alternative I can provide a game idea with existing  concept art for the game and UI elements. You can find an image of the unfinished concept art in the gallery below. It's an reinterpretation of the famous "Space Taxi" game, originally released for the C64.

Here is a small gallery with my artwork. 
If you're interested, let me know.


Just as friendly reminder: The error still occurs. :)

Finally an update! & finally we can buy it! Thanks so much :*

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With love I guess :'P <3 (Made in Unity)

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One of my favorite VR games right now. I love the aesthetic and the gameplay is good too. My only complain would be that their is too less variety in the levels. Need more enemies (maybe some flying, rocket launching robots or stationary turrets!) and a bit more deco and stuff in the level itself. 

btw (@themikebachmann), I'm playing with a Oculus Rift and TWO sensors in roomscale, no problem at all.  The controller layout is good, I missed some kind of tutorial or guide  at the beginning, took some time to figure out the reloading and stuff.

Also, I would like to hand you some money for the game... How can I donate?


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Indeed, this game looks and feels great. Unbelievably well done!
Also nice vid, thanks.

Great artwork!

Talking about Raspberry Pi - would it be possible to target another similiar computer at the same time - the C.H.I.P ?

As far as I know, both are based on debian but obviously have different hardware. If there is a way for you to target both computers I would be really happy :)

Awesome visuals and sounds! ... gameplay and presentation, seems to be pretty much unpolished. The jump mechanic doesn't feel good, as well as the constant movement velocity. But hey, it's a beautiful game :)