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The art style is unique and the sounds are so satisfying. An incredibly immersive work of art.

Hello, World is an adorable low poly game! Complete quests for the creatures of this world to unlock items, buildings and perks for your village. Control your villagers' resources, happiness and whereabouts while exploring this odd land with its quirky stories

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Hello, World lets you explore an adorable little low-poly world with all kinds of tiny quests. There is an EXTREMELY casual city building aspect. Keep your villagers happy, make them harvest nearby resource or have them complete quests to unlock new supplies for your cute-as-heck town!

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Absolutely no stress, no villains, and I promise you won't get sweaty playing this game.

Enjoy this photo of me and my lil baby dog Buster! I am a real-life software dev, and fake-life game dev :) 

Always looking for friends to talk about gaming or development with, so add me on Discord:  madagas_karrh#7763

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