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thanks!  hope we did not make it too hard, (honestly we were worried it could end up being too easy...)  I played it through to the win though during testing a few times, and I'm a better dev than gamer, so it definitely can be beat!  We'll post some 'tips from the devs' on our game page, there are a few tricks to surviving you can use..

hahaha! thats the spirit I guess I should have!

I'm back! Sort of.  Horrible week for game jam productivity, had to work late all week and no real energy left at the end of the day to work on the jam.  I figured I could catch up this weekend but caught a cold in the process, only today did I feel like I had any energy to work on it.   So I added a bear!  Unfortunately he seems to have acquired the ability to teleport!   Looks like I'm not clearing old move actions before adding new ones or something, should be easy to sort out.  But there's sooo much more to do, I don't even know if I'll even have a demo version ready by end of jam.   Oh well, it's still been fun so far.

It was a rainy day here and great for doing some game jam work.  I got interactions working with the door, bed, ladder and added a stove (what problems could that possibly cause?)   Not sure why the smoke is yellow, wonder what he's burning in there. It's probably toxic.  Or just a problem with the particle renderer.

Also, the Time Bloble! I have at least a starter for it.  You wear the Time Bloble on your head once you get it, and you gain time-control powers.   This week, I'm going to work on the game play aspects of that.  First will be simple things, like when you sleep, time passes quickly.  Then I want to add replay of previous actions you did, and eventually rewind and try something different kind of mechanic.  I guess I'll also need some sort of dialog and choice box to let you make decisions about what to do and to describe things when you interact.  That will be like the popup shown, with some buttons there I guess if you have choices to make.

I'm going to keep it simple on the inventory front -- I think you can have something in your left hand, right hand, and thats it, excepting the Time Bloble which you wear on your head.  You'll have to decide carefully what to carry since your inventory slots are only 2!

thanks. its not really a very complex thing, just a few clips strung together.  there's a start of a bridge at the end but its a bridge to nowhere.  I'm thinking this could be used maybe in a time lapse or on the menu screen but its kind of annoying as a continuous track for the game.

A lot of various things here and there. Expanding out the dude's actions and animations, added the ladder and a bed, and took off the railing to the loft because it was much to safe.  Look what happens after that! oopsy!   Normally, that would be death and you'd end up having to go back in time to do something about it. Time is still linear here though, I'm going to mess with that real soon.  

Coming up next: the Time Bloble!

Nice idea for an RPG, I love how "Hair Length" is a stat!

Ok, so here's my Rytmik masterpiece, I think it only took like a half hour or so to compose from available loops.  I've used Garage Band in the past and I think that it is more geared towards the serious musician who wants full time signature control, musical staff notation, accuracy and availability of real instruments and so forth.  Rytmik by comparison is firmly rooted in the looping software use model, you build clips out of instruments, where each clip roughly corresponds to a musical measure. Then you drop in the clips in the song editor like lego.  Its great for something like a game jam where you don't have a lot of time.  Also, the instruments available are (in my opinion) skewed towards game music dev - lots of 8-bit, dubstep, electronic sounds.  

Worked on a bunch of unrelated stuff today:

  • checked in my files to git and a remote repository on the cloud (revision your code, you won't regret it!)
  • built a ladder! (not shown - but when its in the dude can climb to the loft.. thats not really another room, right?)
  • fixing the buggy, buggy action / timeline / move code.  its better but still has bugs. a lot of time spent here so far.
  • testing out popups using the libGDX UI extensions and skins.  (dont worry the final one wont be blue, just making sure I can override the style elements of a skin)
  • did some musical stuff with rytmik, its pretty nice for creating quick game tracks.   Will link a video at some point with sound..

boy do I feel behind. Hopefully, this weekend I can find time to catch up to where I wanted to be.

Not much to show today, its all internal stuff.  I did get mouse handling to work with the action code I've written so you can initiate a walk action that tracks both game time and real time in a way that should, in theory allow me to change the rate, reverse time and fun stuff.   Nothing visible to show other than I found a better font for the time display and switched it to 12-hour format.   I also have some popup code I'm working on for dialog stuff, inventory,  and choice boxes for things you interact with.  (Oh yeah and the guys not on fire any more for the moment.)  Note also the door is slightly ajar because I've decoupled the cabin from the background into it's own sprite, and its not fully aligned.  Was part of some work I did for collision detection and making sure the dude stays in the cabin.  Which he doesn't.  More debug required to get him to behave...

Thanks! Really can't take too much credit for the fire, its built out of a particle editor demo I had.  Guess it's a good time to mention I am writing in Java using libGDX.   It's a much smaller community of developers  than C++/C#/Unity and is less popular for games, but I program in Java for a living and its easier to only keep one language in my head at once.

Looks like you are making great progress on your game, looks very nice.  Super jealous of your dev environment, Unity looks very cool and powerful to use.  I'm still banging around building graphics code and game engine stuff mostly from scratch, but its still fun to do. (Probably a bad idea for a timed game competition tho.)

Some new stuff, 

  • There's a door!  It can open but then the guy could escape so that's no fun.
  • Twinkly stars!  Absolutely no reason for it and I really should be working on actual gameplay, but you know how it goes..
  • Also... someone might be... kind of... on fire.  Just testing out particle stuff because you never know when you might need particles.  And its fun to set stuff on fire.  (Hey I told you it was the world's most dangerous cabin.)

I'm really trying to work out a system where every action consumes a certain amount of in-game time, and also real time. When you do stuff, these actions are created, stored,  and executed, so there's a record of what you did.   That way we can replay time, reverse time, and fun stuff like that.  Once you have a Time Bloble of course.  Boy I really doubt I'll finish this this month, but its been fun so far, anyway...

Not much visible progress, I've been working on setting up classes to deal with animation and timelines that can vary in terms of speed and direction and stuff.  I did get the Dude to walk around a bit.  He's a bit cramped in his one room!  (although maybe I cheated a bit there's going to be a loft for a bed)  Trying to stay out of trouble in such a small space will be part of the fun, already feels a bit claustrophobic to me.

Hi I'm Ned, a gamer and sometimes attempted-game-writer, going all the way back to the 1970's (yeah old guy here).   My daughter is doing a game jam here and it looked fun when I checked it out, so I thought I'd give it a try. My game is called "Time Bloble",  I would say it's a 2D side-scroller but its one room so no scrolling required.  Maybe it's 3D though because there is a time dimension in play here. You are staying in what is probably the world's most unsafe cabin in the woods, but you find a Time Bloble so you can go back in time to prevent yourself from dying.  

Not sure of the mechanics but the more I work on it, the more it seems like a platformer than an RPG.  I'll make sure to meet the requirements of having items and so forth but it doesn't feel very RPGish to me yet.   Not even sure how the whole thing will work to be honest. So far I've gotten some time-control infrastructure and drawing stuff to work at a basic level.  This is a one-man show, I'm doing my own music/art with very little skill in either, we'll see how it goes I guess...