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They were made by thecatamites??!! This is a real-life twist ending I never saw coming

A mysterious one. Found three endings thus far

I look forward to it. Godspeed, Pizzamakesgames

Beeswing proves that Jack King-Spooner is one of the best game devs in the world.

Trixie Glimmer Smith is definitely a better visual novel than Parsnip is an adventure game, but I have a soft spot for weird games that unconventionally tie into grander sequels.

Plus the animation is nice! A lot of people seem to consider Parsnip creepy (the game, not the man Barsnip Bunner who is very creepy), but I'd say this one is almost entirely comedy. Dark, murderous comedy, but still comedy.

The atmosphere is very compelling, as is the idea of each character dying but leaving changes behind. The main problem is the puzzles are kind of illogical. Was there any hint that spicy meat would kill the second-floor monster? And please don't tell me it ends on "to be continued"!