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If we find more bugs, there will be next batch.

Haha! But good job anyway! While watching your vid I noticed a few bugs in backdrops in world 3 as well as ugly jittering due to bad cycling in “new level” screen, that I knew earlier but get used to it. Will be corrected, maybe… ;-)

Good job! I’m always loosing 3 or 4 lives. But I was always bad at playing, therefore I code… ;-)

As the original is ;) I have added a special practice mode (it’s documented in readme). Basically nothing is random here, speed is constant, all can be learned ;) Also notice that NTSC gameplay is a bit faster than PAL.

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I will examine this and post more symptoms.

There is one thing slightly related to this, check this file:

(click "Raw" to download binary CTM).

it is CTM 8, text mc, with tiles. Charpad 3.0 BETA#3 shows three tiles with tags 0, 0, 4 respectively. But it fact it is 0, 2, 4 (it is how it is stored in CTM file, I'm pretty sure about it. By some reason, tag for second tile is shown as 0.

Hi, I use Charpad Pro 3.0 Beta#3 and it seems it has a problem with saving or exporting to older CTM versions if the only change after opening file is editing tile tag or tile name.