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Thanks for the review ! I am really glad you enjoyed the game. :)

Thank you very much for the review ! You have a very cool channel ! 

That is very strange... It is working on my side. If you try with this one :

Hi, sorry for the delay. To drop down just press down arrow key + space.

Hi, thanks for the review. It was very interesting to see you playing and commentating what you were doing. Very useful for a level designer.

space --> Jump

Alt --> Magic shot

ctrl --> Sword shot

Arrows --> Move

Ahah you are good! 

While waiting for the full version, you have the speedrun mode. My record is pretty easy to beat. 🙂

And If you really want to test buggy levels, I have three new levels available on Discord. But it is really to early. It is just if you are interested by the creation process. 

Thanks for playing. I am very glad you enjoyed it! 

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I am Macdup. I am field evangelist for a big French software company at day and game developer on Unity at night. Few years ago, I had to choose between my child dream of creating games and a nice good paying job. I chose the good paying job, the safety.

And it remains me only few hours at night and during weekends to create games. It’s pretty hard but I want to try to be a successful game developer hobbyist.

Why Twisted Tales?

That’s why three years ago, after few prototypes developed on Unity alone or with friends, I decided to try to deliver a true complete game.

I wanted to level up on all the skills you need to create a game. I was not bad at game design, level design and development but never tried it on a full complete game. And believe me, it’s a complete different story. And you learn so many other things than these core production skills like legal, marketing, sales, networking…

So long story short, I decided to work on a 2D metroidvania, because I like the genre, in pixel art. I am a fan of megaman, snes platformers and Castlevania.

For my first game, I did not want to innovate. I wanted something easy to design to focus on dev and marketing. And to be sure to finish it. I knew that the metroidvania genre is a risky one for a first game. So I decided to develop it for mobile. Choosing mobile was a way to limit myself. It would mean short levels, less inputs so limited capacities for the player.

And I looked at the market, there is just a few metroidvania for mobile like Sword of Xolan, Oddmar, The east new world… So there is room for my game I hoped.

That’s why I created Twisted Tales!

If you want a complete description of the game, it’s here.

Now What?

The game is not finished yet.

  • I need to create 17 levels. After that, the free desktop and mobile version will be complete.
  • Then I will create some sort of Twisted Tales 1.5 Remix with bosses and a new game structure made of zones and not made of separated levels. To have a true metroidvania feeling. I will launch that on desktop and Switch. It will be my first paying game. J
  • And after that, if I have a little community around my project, I will create a second opus for Twisted Tales to explore new tales and be more ambitious on mechanics, narration and graphics. The Momodora series is an inspiration for me.


How can you help me if you want?

  • First play the game on desktop or on mobile. 
  • If you liked it, please rate it and comment it to say why it’s a good game.
  • Vote up this thread too.  Always good for content curation. 
  • If you do not liked it, please share with me your feedback so I know how to make a better game.

And if want to discuss about Twisted Tales, game development and games in general, you can add me:


I just tested your game after reading this post.

I loved it. Very fun to discover all the levels.

I also like your "shake down the tools" approach.  Very pragmatic. The best way to progress, step by step.

I am looking forward to see what you can produce when being more ambitious about mechanics and narrative. 

Thanks for the feedback ! 

Thanks for your review.

It was very fun to watch. When you tried to find the fire ball button . And you were so afraid of the mirror ! :D

I am going to tweet about your channel, good job.