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Yes :)
Devlog is here:,28359.0.html

Man i love this game!
Well done and i am looking forward for the next update! 
I released a much less chaos space shooter a while ago. Maybe you like it as well ;)
My next will draw some inspiration for your chaos :)

Thank you :) Please share if you like it

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Very cool game!

I find it also too difficult right now which is a pity because the mechanics are so much fun. The fire spreading is nicely done. The art is unique. The radio feedback makes the game feel alive. The decision between firefighting and rescuing is fun. Keep up the good work!
I have just been finishing a firefighting game that focuses on forest fires:

Great work!
i used some in this small indie game about firefighting:

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Ah yes good one! And i can see the  Anno inspiration. keep up the good work

Looks lovely! I will try this over xmas. Reminds me a bit of K240 from the Amiga 500

Very nice game! Simple and fun as mentioned before :)

Want to fight forest fires? Try this tiny free game:

Thank you very much! Make sure to follow me to get infos on new games.

Thanks for your kind words!
I was planning for it but dropped it due to complexity and costs. 
As you know the game is for free and quite complex.

Share the game if you want to spuuort me.

Thank you :) 

Thanks for the kind feedback!

Yes thank you :)

Good suff! Your game was a heavy inspiration for me!

Thanks :)

Yes it changed quite a bit since then ;)

Thanks :)

Get the game here!

Explore a dying galaxy in this high-octane, story-driven twin stick shooter. Upgrade your arsenal and gun your way through dynamic, fully destructible environments. Can you find a New Earth?


With an 18,000+ word script, Goldspace features multiple endings and optional missions. Bond with your crew, negotiate with rogue opportunists, and discover the dark truth behind your mission.


Take your pick of weapons as you torch, freeze, or blast your own way through 40+ enemy types. Cause reactive destruction by burning fuel, setting off alarms, damaging engines, and more.


Fly your ship where you want to go, whether that means targeting alien outposts, wealthy merchant ships, or derelict wrecks. Upon arrival, explore immense levels with secrets and multiple routes to each goal.

Hi guys,
it runs super slow on my machine. Anyone else?
Windows 10 Pro 64-bit, Intel-Core i7 4600U CPU @ 2.1GHz, 8GB RAM

I liked it but i dont see a game yet behind it. Let see.