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Ok, don't worry. I'm slowly adding new games as well.

Hello xXAweeabooXx,

The cloud and the app are online. You can access it directly without asking me to generate the keys for you. Why you didn't try it yet?

Get it here

(I need users in order to improve it)

Hi, I've added this (very addictive) game to Cloudsaver.

Thanks for the game :-)

I've added this game to Cloudsaver

This game has been added to Cloudsaver

This game has been added to Cloudsaver

For Linux, if you see veggies fall down very fast on the main screen, your timers are too fast. Set V-Sync under Graphics options to True and it will work normally again.

You can notice the issue also if you start the tutorial and try to cook burgers.

(This game will be added to cloudsaver soon)

Send a message here if you wish to participate:

I'd prefer a more generic name. I plan to save also other games.

oh it's a hosted on dreamhost for now. There isn't a way to see your file other than using the client for now.

Nice logo, it might be already used somewhere else.

See my messge below to get access to a beta if you wish.

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Since there is no way for me to send private informations through, I've posted a message on Reddit . Please PM me there to get your keys to download the tool.

See my answer to xXAweeabooXx

This is the page

I need to find a way to distribute keys for the download AND for the application. Either that or I need to build a register page on the server.

For the moment I'm using a Shared Hosting to host the data,  so I can't really test 100 users simultaneously.

You don't need itch. 

To make my software smaller, you should download the .net core runtime from microsoft. Either that or the zip file will be huge (40mb maybe).

I'm finishing the page now, I'll keep you posted.

Hi, I was going to look for people to beta test my initial version.

Right now I support 4 games, Let me know what you play and I will add it. This version asks the user for the game you play and the installation path. Then it knows where to look. Hopefully all games follow certain rules and don't store stuff randomly :-)

I might start a Hard Disk scanner if there is a desire to do so, but then I have to add either known paths or some filename checks.

The rest is done by pushing and pulling data to the cloud. I am now using a test server, which is slowish but works.

In the future I might make a launcher, but I suppose the way it work now it's ok you don't forget to push/pull. I still have to implement a "force" option in case you forgot. I'm going to write a bit more on my page soon.

The way it works is that you have to pick your games from a list of known games. The list is easy to expand as long as the application know its strategy. At the moment I've checked 5-10 games and they all use a similar strategy. For most games, once you tell my application where the executable is located, it will be able to store the saves on the cloud.

I am testing it with Ubuntu but I suppose it will work with any distro. I am preparing a page where you can download it to beta test it if you wish.

App and Server are done. I need to test the restore part of the process to be sure it works.

There is also a backup functionality for now, just in case we screw up :-)

Note that for now there is no better way to force the user to start the app before doing anything and after that. It's a push-pull functionality. You need to push your changes to the cloud and then pull them elsewhere before using it. 

In the future I'd like to be able to use my tool to start the game directly so that you don't have to do much. It might be possible to start it before App, but you still need to configure which saves have to be sent to the cloud.

It's also worth of note that it is not only for It will work with any game/app, as long as it's known where it saves and I know about it. 

I'm going to add some more info on my page and maybe open a new thread on the forum soon.

See my answer to  xXAweeabooXx

I've installed Ngiht in the wood to test it as well. Weird but nice game :-) (depressing maybe? I just started it)

A quick update: I have almost finished a first beta version of it. The server is done, while the client is almost finished. I still have to decide how to make it fool proof. (that is, how to decide if I have to overwrite the savefiles on the directory or just save them).

I think I can start to test it by the end of the week if I have enough free time.

which game are you mostly playing? If it's in the Bundle for Racial Justice I can test it

which game are you mostly playing? If it's in the Bundle for Racial Justice I can test it.

Thanks. I'm going to make a quick test soon. 

If anyone is interested, please post it here.

I was about to build something to do that myself. I just need to research how most games save.