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This now comes up as Whyrus on VirusTotal:

"MaxSecure" specifically is complaining about these files: 

Kiwi 64_Win_Downloadable/Build.exe

Kiwi 64_Win_Downloadable/Build_Data/Managed/Boo.Lang.dll

Kiwi 64_Win_Downloadable/Build_Data/Managed/mscorlib.dll

Kiwi 64_Win_Downloadable/Build_Data/Managed/System.dll

Any idea why?

too easy... x_X banana is die :(

I won a match

It could've been a false positive too. I did more research and redid the VT scan because I actually found another thing come up with the same exact IP addresses and it's an akamai address which is a CDN and might refer to a data center breach that happened and others say that address might be easy to abuse by hackers because its an akamai address but that doesn't necessarily mean that contacting it is GOING to get your computer sick. 

See more here:

(It actually says it's not malicious)

and here:

Saying it's related to attacks performed by APT27 aka LuckyMouse:

This is the other address mentioned in the VT report:

and this is the one where I had mentioned github pages. It's also related to akamai and has potential for abuse if someone compromises that address and uses it in an attack but that's usually not a permanent thing anyways. 

I would wager this was actually a false positive but I commend you for taking security seriously. I feel kinda bad that you took your neat little art program down because of what I had said. Looks like whatever was going on with that ip address, people in the malware security field know about it and are doing stuff so you might be good but of course exercise your own best judgement. 

I couldn't figure out what verbs were accepted by the game to complete it :(

Sounds good buddy


did you know this comes up as a virus for one vendor?

I think it says its contacting ip addresses that had ransomware hosted on them before but also hosted github pages? Saying it was an azure server that maybe someone had compromised. I'm not an expert on such things. But regardless, because of that, it flags your file.

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I am not here from the ACTIVATOR MAGAZINE if you care about statistics. I just looked at your main itchio page and was checkin things out one by one.

my opinion is that you should change the control scheme because it's difficult to play with all the keys being right next to each other on the left hand side.

I'm afraid you mispelled 'you're'. Nice game though.

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the video trailer matches the itchio page. That's pretty clever. Looks great :)

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excuse me? what did that calculator just say? Banana screensaver? what?!

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My favorite part was the music. I won with 75 coins in the chest (probably could've had more if I didn't spend extra money on food and goblins at the beginning).

I got to day 24 with pop 41. 

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Ha! Beat that!

I rather enjoyed that.

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This tool is pretty awesome.

I think I downloaded the wrong version actually. I downloaded a new version and just let it do it's thing. It took a few minutes but It eventually booted up a windows 98 machine or something ;) 10-22 disregard. All is well in the universe.

game crashes :(

BOOPER BOWLING community · Created a new topic surreal

I liked it.

very cool idea for a game. that parkour is maddening tho.

sweet games. very spooky n great artwork.

thats a trip

so far this is the best lsd game jam game imo

oh my globs i was wearing headphones dude.. i watched it til they i guess pushed me out of the room is that the end? i cant tell. nice and weird tho i can dig it.

i liked your game.

ive actually played this over a dozen times i really like this one. ples make more stuff like this ples.

honestly my favorite game on itchio. next to seaquest1992  this game is way more fun tho.  like the latest editions altho it makes it way quicker to max everything out. Keep up the good work man. fun as hell.

*waiting patiently*