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You only meet a Unicorn if you are an anal virgin. Which is usually in early parts of the game... Facing a Unicorn then is tough. You can trade hits with magic like True Fire, if both hp reaches 0 in the same round you still get the win. 

For melee, usually you run out of stability after a few hits and get kited down. Better to just avoid the encounter until stronger.

Even if you install over the old game you should not lose your progress

After you progress till the last brothel quest, you will be allowed to explore.

The sample isn't the last quest. Perhaps the option will be available after you finish everything. 

Trying talking to her and ask her what does she do for fun. Most of the options can farm closeness with her and the last one allows you to fuck her.

This game is not complete yet so there isn't really an end to it. You can get patreon to enjoy much more content.

As for dark knight, i found her towards the right of the entrance of second outpost.

Being able to steal the 1000g shield seems really big tho. I am actually very sure that agility is the main statistic for stealing rather than perception. As long as my agility is 10 or above I can steal things with no issue but I think a ranger with above 10 perception may not be able to do the same. (I think)

Tales of Androgyny community · Created a new topic Stealing

Have anyone experimented with stealing mechanics? Like how to go about doing it, minimum agi required or perks that would help with it?

Thank you!

Thanks for the comprehensive reply! Can I also ask what do you gain from having a pure virgin playthrough? Because it sounds like a torture to play it like that.

I understand that if you satisfy the opponent the fight will be over. But when I nut in a monster during fights that doesn't seem to do anything?

Is it for achievement purposes? Or some general fun xD

Alright.. thanks!

There have been too much semen in my tummy and I am getting an agility penalty. It also seems to affect my combat a little. 

The mouseover on the tummy says it can be removed by purging. Anyone knows how?