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Alright I'll say it. I don't consider this to be a good game, at least not of what I played in the demo. But I support the developer because someone made a video complaining about the trans billboards. I am glad to see there are devs out there that stand up for what's right instead of caving to the anti-trans cucks. It is nice to see developers also not cucking to casuals and the almighty dollar. If this developer ever makes a game that is entertaining to me I will give it a good review. Irony here is that the gameplay does seem to cater to casuals (far too easy at least in the demo.)

Update: I see they are doing the abortion thing and I am not in favor of abortion.

Good game, but too hard.

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Both Capitalism and Communism are flawed idealogies. While wanting equality of income is an understandable sentiment, there are many flaws of Communism. The word "soviet" refers to "workers council". The communists promoted the idea of work and the idea that everyone should work. The overall result is almost indistinguishable from Capitalism, a society where everyone must work. This "work culture" results in a lot of bs/meme jobs of 0 or less than zero value. Capitalism and Communism are flawed ideologies and obsolete. The ideology of the future is a more rational approach, featuring robots and UBI as part of the structure. Society has had 5000 years to get good while humans have been toiling away using the same stone age social hierarchies and systems. Yet after 5000 years, humans still toil as they once did as ancient primitives. 40% of Americans do not have more than 400 dollars in savings. The system of the past is not effective . There needs to be a new structure, which is not the same as the past. This is accomplished with a robot workforce and UBI income.

There are many flaws of Capitalism. Companies like Roblox exploit their workers, paying them nothing or pennies while they make billions. Humans were raised to accept their socio-economic status, they were raised to only expect being paid in pennies at most. But in this new age, humans are learning not to accept that. We no longer accept that companies like Roblox can make billions while not giving fair wages. But that does not mean all of Capitalism is bad. You need Capital to expand, and to grow, a corporation and business. This is a necessity for technological growth, development, and the evolution of the species. You need Capital to fund growth of cities, better technology, and better medicine. Capital is good, what is bad is when Capital is badly managed, when too much funds go to 0 value or less than zero value work, or when things are designed inefficiently. The idea that everyone must work, comes from an obsolete era, back before robots were invented or before humans had a more solid grasp of things. Ideally, in the future, there would be large UBI so that everyone could have the necessities, with in addition to some spending money. Work should only be work of ones own motivation, not out of necessity to pay bills. There should be massive owner reform, not only with making home costs more affordable, but also equipping fleets of autonomous lawncare machines and robotic maids. The economy should be like a smooth engine, you should be able to get by at idle RPM of 1000, but if you choose to work, get 7000 or even 8000, perhaps even over 9000. That being said, I don't wish to end this paragraph on a humourous note,  because these are very serious concerns, and living for 20 years at the bottom, often with dirt being kicked in your mouth, while others live in the lap of luxury, is not something people should have to deal with. Rather, we should ALL be living in the lap of luxury.

Absolutely required videos to watch.

Video of Roblox:

Video of bs jobs:

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This review is going to be in the somewhat vaguely in the style of Pkrussl reviews.


Graphics: 4/5 The graphics look nice, the screenshots look nice.

Art: 2/5 You might be asking, "well how is art different than gfx?" Gfx is how good it looks for screenshots. Art comes in where the game is overall. Overall the levels are bland and repetitive. All the tracks look the same. They also have a weird bumpy look to them like the procedural generation was glitchy. The cities look bland with not much visual landmarks of interest. The tunnels don't make sense geometrically, when there is a fork in a road the tunnel extends to both forks.

Gameplay: 2/5 Low production value physics and gameplay. Feels less immersive than the original Outrun (not 2006.) Also feels less immersive than Outrun 2006. There isn't any compelling reason why someone would use this as an alternative to Outrun 2006. At the beginning, the tutorial mode of how to drift covers up the whole screen. But after several levels and 5 minutes I didn't have to drift even one time. So basically the game does not give the player a reason to ever drift. There is also a Battle mode but that is neither here nor there.

Story: 0/5 There is no story to speak of, nor immersion. There are randomly ramps everywhere, NPCs in vehicles go on these ramps and do flips, which breaks any immersion of the game. Outrun had an appeal that you were in real life and this game is missing that.

Sound: 4/5 The sound is decent, the music is alright and decent.

Value: 1/5 Way overpriced for 7.99. If I recall, the original Outrun 2006 and Daytona for Xbox 360 were around that price, and this is nowhere near that quality. Create a more reasonable price such as 1.99 or 2.99.

Hidden category: There are swear words and other inappropriate contents of the game, which means the game is not family friendly.  Additionally,  most of the billboards are too blurry and moving too fast to read, one I did see criticizing big oil, and that's cool, but overall the way the joke was presented seemed to be lame. So basically, the game sacrificed its wholesomeness appeal in exchange for adult content, but didn't have enough quantity or quality of adult content to appeal to adults. -4 points.

Hidden category 2: There is a trans flag in the game, being pro lgbt is cool. +2 points.

Review score: 


its not that great. But i noticed bad games seem to get really expensive, for instance that hello kitty racing game was like 300 bux at one point.

i kinda want to buy it now just to see

lol. imagine hating fascism but promoting communism lul.

Um...what? You do realize communism has all of these things you complain about capitalism in this game? China treats its citizens like what you complain about in this game, and they make less wages than Americans do also. Yet you are waving a  flag that looks like a Chinese flag around like what? China's economy has been improving only because they have become more capitalistic. I am not a Capatalist either, I am aware of the struggle american's face against the 1%. What you made here is a cool looking game but I cannot get behind the communist nonsense, maybe if you made it about anarchy it would have been better.

It was this video. Around 1:35.

I liked the girlyness of the video. But then the respawning enemies just kind of killed it for me. I'm fine with enemies respawning when you leave a room, but in the video it just looked like enemies would spontaneously spawn on me...very jarring.

What a handsome woman.

This game is a pile of hot garbage

This is what happens when you are raised on a steady diet of tofu and stay in tokyo too long.

What is this I don't even. What kind of drugs were you on that motivated you to create this strange work of art?

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This doesn't save your game so I had to start from scratch all over at the beginning...not cool man. Also there is a level in a red room (5 cores) and if you run out of ammo you are screwed and have to quit the game, you lose all your progress... This game is not ready for release... Also i typed a code in the cheat area and it didn't seem to do anything at all...

Would you prefer flying men that are naked? (There is actually one in game)

Great game 5/5

Who made the music in the trailer? The music for the trailer is godly.

This game is so Japanese. It's like a mix of South Park and Anime. I don't usually give my approval on games, but I give this 9000/10.

Tileset looks nice, but is a struggle to use. None of the tiles are aligned into the same dimensions.

thankyou :)

Cool thanks! I will check it out soon.

Alrighty. :)

You are welcome. :)

Hmm, does this accept all exe's or just unity games? I am making a game with game maker and that's why.

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The controls are arrow keys or WSAD for movement, Z/Ctrl is B button X/Space is A button, G is Select/Switch Weapon and Enter is pause. Also it uses a gamepad so if the gamepad is plugged in the keyboard is disabled. The gamepad controls are Joystick/Dpad: Navigate, A: a button and B: b button, Select: switch weapon and Start: pause. To force switch to keyboard if the gamepad is plugged in, press K key.