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No. It will be on Coast map.

Idk yet)



Could you try to record some video with this bug? I can't repeat it on my PC.

Thanks. I will try to find.

Is this happens in all missions or free play mode? 

It's good idea, maybe it will possible in the future.

The game has very simple networks. It's not possible to make real maps at the moment. 

I will research this feature. It's hard to make such versions without real device.

Thanks. I will think what can I do.

Could you describe Chinese bugs in detail?

Could you describe Chinese bugs in detail?

You could change it in the settings menu.

The font size of your posts forces me to delete them. Please don't use it. I don't understand your question, please try to describe it in detail.


You could decrease difficulty of the free play mode to disable some buffers.


Thank you!

You could enable weather in missions and freeplay mode. The weather will change randomly.  

Thank you for ideas. They are very complicated. Large team will require many months of work to accomplish. I'm solo developer. There will be small updates those I could make alone.

Please don't use such large font. You could turn on realistic mode in the settings. It will disable boosters. 

Thank you for ideas!

It's only in the free play menu at the moment. You could start with it. 

Thank you for all suggestions. 

This is some WebGL behavior :( You could click the game logo in the main menu to open all missions.

Thank you. I hope to add more trains in the future.

Thank you for ideas! :)

It's good idea. Maybe they will give me some budget to increase my yacht)))

This is an indie game. The development goes very slowly. I hope to add some more of possibilities. Thank you for feedback :)

Thank you for ideas! I could not promise much. I make the game as solo developer. I hope something will be possible in the future. 

You could subscribe to social networks. I post links to latest versions in:


Telegram and ICQ post are viewable in browser without login.

Idk... it depends on player's internet. It's better to download standalone version. 

Sorry, I don't understand first question. Yes, it will be added.


Thank you :)

Thank you. New map will be available soon. With new free play abilities and 2 new missions. You could watch here 


It will be in the future.

Thank you!