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ohhh :)) If you will have this problem in the future... Could you record some video? I will try to fix it.

You could try.

You could watch here

I hope this week.

I hope to add... but not very soon :(

Thank you... you could skip missions if you don't like it...

Thanks :)


Thanks :))

Thanks :)

Thank you :)

It's available now.

No so soon :) Maybe 5-6 month.

Yes :)

Beta test of the game for iPad and iPhone.

Not very soon. Idk yet :)

I plan to add some steam trains.

This is an indie game. Updates will be not very often. 

Thanks... I will think about.

Thank you for idea!

Thanks :)

It's cool :)

Thank you!

Gracias por su apoyo. Espero añadir trenes, mapas en futuras actualizaciones.

:))) Thanks

You could try to go in another direction. Here some video 

Thank you!

You could turn on switch at maximum speed :)

Thank you for suggestions and ideas. I hope it will be possible to implement some of them in future updates :)

Sorry, I haven't receive it :(

You could write to me and I will tell you...

Thank you. Yes, I plan to add 2 engine modification in one week. Maps and missions will be added, but not very soon. The development goes not very fast :)

Thanks! No, you can't. But if you write to email I will tell you another way to open missions.

Thank you :)

Спасибо. Пока будут поезда из эпохи 80-ых. Новые поезда - попозже. Сейчас работаю над новыми миссиями. Переезды хотелось бы тоже добавить :) 

Thank you for advice. It will be cool to make all this things.  I have such plans. But i make the game in my free time and it will progress no very fast. I plan to add diesel trains and some buildings in September update.

Thank you! You can watch here 2 ways of mission 6 passing. You should watch distance to target in the right corner. And than the train is near your train, you should raise the speed. 

Next update will be not very soon. I plan to release it in September.

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Здравствуйте. Да, хотелось бы большего разнообразия вагонов. А вот более современные поезда, видимо, будут чуть позднее. Пока 80-ые годы :)



1.  Хорошо я подумаю как бы это добавить.

2. Да, постепенно буду добавлять и новые поезда, но позднее. Скоростные магистрали как-то отличаются от того, что есть сейчас?

3. С информатором пока не знаю, хотел быть делать игру для многих стран, а тогда не ясно как быть.  Погода,  времена суток и года есть в планах. Но не буду много обещать.  Надеюсь все получится реализовать.

I passed this level once more time. All was ok. Try once more time please.