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Thanks Dasius! I just started working on the wiki about three or four days ago, trying to make major improvements to the layout and content. Your shout-outs will help the wiki's community grow, and when more and more people know about the wiki, it will sustain itself!

I wanted to credit NerdToob for the original creation of the site - and if you're out there NerdToob, I'm interested in helping you run it as an Admin.

Thanks again for the awesome indie game, Dasius! Keep up the fantastic work.

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Hey Dasius,

I've been working hard on the My Little Blacksmith Shop Wikia over the last few days.

I've put in a lot of content, media, and even a bug/issue list over there. Check it out here!

I would greatly appreciate it if you found the time to check out our Wiki!

And to all the community members reading this: this wiki is for you, by you! I'm just a guy who enjoys playing this game, and thought I would help out the community by helping grow the wiki. Anybody can edit and add content, but if you'd like someone with a little more experience to do it, please message me your ideas in my message box.

If you have any problem with media or content I've posted on the MLBSS wiki, please let me know by messaging me here. I definitely want to be sure that this wiki isn't conflicting with anything copyright-related or anything you feel might detract from the gameplay or anything else.

Thanks for your time! Keep up the great work on My Little Blacksmith Shop, Dasius.