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Laurent Zubiaur

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Thank you!

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There're still a lot of improvements/features I want to make to the game. Thank you for the feedback! :D

Thank you!!

Thanks !! :D

Really nice to play and cool retro graphics, great job!

Really nice palette and animations, simple but inspired art. Great job!!

Hey ,thank you! My first attempt at pixel art and I really enjoyed it. Happy you like it!  

Very cool concept! love it

Awesome pixel art and really fun to play. Good job!

Yes, it requires some skill/tactic to trap the enemies and cut the platforms as much as possible. Happy you liked it. :D 

Nice job! :D

Nice beat em up. Characters animation is really great! Good job!

Another World in arcade mode. Great tribute to one of the best game ever. :D

yep, Qix was indeed one of the main reference for the gameplay. thank you! ;)

hey, thank you :D

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Really nice pixel art and gameplay!

Nice pixel art & gameplay concept. Good job!