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Thank you very much ! I'm glad you liked the game ^^

Thank you very much ! I'm glad you enjoyed it ^^

Thank you I'm glad you liked it ! Your palette looks really good too and I can't wait to try out your demon merchant game ^^

Thank you so much for your video ! I hope you enjoyed our game ^^

Thank you for your feedback ! We will take the rules into consideration if we do a better version ^^. I'm glad you enjoyed it !

Thank you for your feedback ! We did have a lot of comments saying that it was confusing and I think I agree, if we make a final version we will take that into consideration.

Thanks ! The game is not that easy, you can press the space bar to pickup and throw things around, I'm glad you enjoyed it !

I went for hand-drawn since I thought it would look more original ^^

Thank you !! I love your profile picture haha

Thank you !!! I'll try yours later ^^

Thank you so much I'm glad you like it !!! I can't wait to try yours ^^

This is really cute ! I loved reading all this and your 3D models are so pretty... I love the style ^^

I'm really glad you liked the premise and the art !! Thank you so much and yeah I really do love tartiflette I hope I'll get a cat just like him one day <3. Thanks *you* for your comment !!

Thank you very much !!! I'm glad you appreciated it <3 !

This was such an amazing game I really loved it !! I love the asexual analogy, the color palette and the character's pose/drawing and the dialogues were really lovely.

I love all the details about the cakes it was interesting, the character really do love baking sweets haha ! It makes me want to know more about both of them ^^

I've just finished this game and it was really cool and wholesome I loved it !!! As an ace person it really made my heart melt and it was very very sweet.

I shared it around so that more people can play it ! The text bubbles and their animation and the "shit shit shit" part were really well craftet I'm impressed haha. The pictures at the end were cute and iI really like the design of the characters.

I'll check out your other games for sure, keep on doing them !

Thank you so much, reading this honestly makes me want to cry from joy haha. I really am so happy you liked this game !!

I really do love farms/nature/sun and characters interaction and I had a lot of fun transcribing that into a game <3 !

I'll check out your game tomorrow I eye-balled it and as an ace person I really wanted to try it. Thank you so so much for you feedback it really made my heart melt !

I wanted to write the game in english and then translate it in french, do I have to make sure it's 1000 words in french too and in other languages ? I can't really predict it unfortunately and was wondering if it was okay.

Also, can we modify the game after the deadline ? Add more languages, fix misspellings, polish the page and UI ? As long as the one asset rule is applied of course.

I really love your game so hopefully you'll be able to grow as a fulltime dev ! I can't wait to see more of what you do, your creations are truly amazing

Very pretty and cool game ! It's a very chill way to pass time ^^

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Beautiful game, loved the first one and loved this one too. I really liked that it digs a lot of important themes (I'd say do read the warnings before hand) and it was overall very interesting and fun as always. The writing is really clever.

The characters are deeply explored and we can see a lot of their vulnerable sides which I really appreciated and seeing them talk about their difficulties and how they relate to that really made me happy as someone who also lives some of them.

I'm really happy that this game was able to be made and will buy the bonus pack and I also can't wait to see more of the creator's content ^^.

Amazing game, for sure one of my favorites. The take on the theme is really clever, the artstyle is very cute and the gameplay if fun as heck. Good job !

(I did find at some point an npc just floating on water instead of in a boat but otherwise no bugs, when pressing escape a pause/options menu would be nice thought)

Amazing game probably one of my favorite ! Really enjoyed playing this honestly and would play again if you ever make more of this game

Very nice game I found it to be very fun to play, man it's hard recognizing the right cheese from the wrong ones. I find the theme part to be a little bit lacking in the gameplay but still the game is well made !

Very cute game and pretty fun to play ! I really like the artstyle. 

Some things you could improve : 

-have the numbers align correctly when showing how many twigs left in the burrow

-when you press esc and you have the exit menu you should press f to exit or press esc to return instead of having another menu be shown

Thank you for playing my game !

Love the art style, this is a very nice game ! It's really fun and I enjoyed it. I do think that you get overwhelmed very quickly and it should start a bit slowly but otherwise it's good ^^

Very nice game, the character is cute and I love the art direction you took ! The controls are so fluid I really think you should continue for a bit with this game it's really really cool. One thing is that the effect when killing an enemy and getting hurt is a bit violent for my eyes, maybe add an option to turn it off or less powerful and also I don't know if it's a bug but

SPOILERS (I tried it twice, at the end I beat the last enemy in a black room and the game just froze I don't know if this is normal. Also yes I didn't get the cinematic at the beginning on both html and download windows version)

Very nice game ! I do think it can be improved by adding things such as coyote time (multiple tutorials on that on youtube) as I felt a lot of the jumps were unfair. I can't jump on slopes wich felt a bit weird and I don't think any character other than the green walls should somewhat stuck to the wall, I died multiple times like that and it was really frustrating.

Other than that as a student myself I appreciate what you managed to do in such a short span of available time, very impressive !

Thank you for playing my game ! Yes the controls are pretty bad from what I saw and I'll fix the inventory post ratings.

I'll rate your game no worries ^^

Thank you very much I appreciate that ! I'm glad you liked the concept and the art style ^^

The concept is interesting and it's a pretty nice game but a bit hard to control and manipulate. I feel like if you improve the walls placing and controls you could have a really fun product !

The dash/grappler items are so small that it's hard to see which is which and I went into a level and just used what I thought was the dash and died haha.

Thank you for your extensive feedback ! I'll make improvements on everything you mentioned, I didn't think about the objective so I'm glad to know that. In termes of art I'll try to rework the backgrounds and if I can improve some of the animations.

Pretty nice game ! I liked that you have multiple magic types, I feel like you could add more to the game like maybe different enemy types or variation even on the magic. 

I did find some bugs though, I'm posting them here in case you wish to fix them :

-Even if you die, if your magic was used and it touches enemies the score will rise up a bit

-I went to pause and quit to menu and I heard the sounds of the enemies getting hit (i think)

-The snow magic didn't have texture or I couldn't see it ?

-Sometimes my magic didn't hit, I think the collision box should be improved

Very good game, I love the theme interpretation especially ! The little cute characters are very nice I love that they are varied. Gameplay a bit simple could add more interaction/minigames with your keyboard or arrows but honestly it's an already pretty good for a gamejam ! 

Pretty nice game but a bit simplistic. I really dig the effects though ! If you ever come back to the game it could be nice to add jump height and platform graphics

Pretty nice game, I like the strategy of bringing the nuclear tubes you really have to think it out and the creatures are creepy. 

At some level there was a little bug where you could go trough a part of another level, I think it was room 3 and you could go trough a little part of room 2.

Very nice, I got to room 8 ! I love the 2D/3D graphism it looks great ^^. 

The heart part is confusing and it would have been nice to add an option menu but otherwise pretty good for a gamejam 

Thank you ! I will redo the controls after the end of the gamejam, the items returning in the inventory is a big issue that I couldn't fix in time unfortunateley and i'll add it after the deadline

Thank you very much ! The second level you say ? I don't really know where that would be but I'm going to check it out