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Corto pero gracioso... Me gustaría que hubiera más personajes para que se provechase por más tiempo el juego

I'd like to hope so :D

Hopefully this year, yes...

Thanks! I've got most of part 2 ready, and should get back to development soon.

Thanks! I've been meaning to get back to this game (I've got most of Chapter 2 done already), maybe there'll be more content here one of these days :D

Thanks! It worked well with the embed code.

I've got a game published here in that I'd like to publish in Kongregate as well. The problem is, they have a 50 mb upload limit that I'm way over. So, since it's in HTML5 and Kongregate allows publishing as an iframe leading to a game hosted elsewhere, I thought I'd put the hosted version there. My question is, is this allowed? Since I'd be using bandwidth to have people play my game outside this site. I couldn't find anything about it in the TOS or FAQ, so I'm asking here. Thanks!

Thanks a lot! Great review, and cool channel too, I'll check the other videos. And watching your playthrough, it made me realize how bare the dungeons are in terms of things to interact with... I'll definitely work on this - certainly in future games, and possibly also in this one if I decide to do an overhaul.

Just added a Windows implementation, you can download it from this page.

If you do make a youtube video, could you post or send me a link? I'd love to see it :D

Caught the bug! It was a pretty stupid mistake. Should be all right now. I tested my save and it works fine, so you should have no problems.

Oh, sure. I haven't bothered to save a Windows implementation as I figured browser playing was more convenient, but I can save and upload it to Dropbox this evening, no problem. You'd have to wait one more day... then again, that might be a good thing, as I'll have a look at the bug the other player reported :P

Thanks for the heads up! I'll have a look. When does the bug happen, when you enter the dungeon?

Not sure what do you mean... how do I do that?