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This game looks really cool! I love the calm atmosphere and setting. The phasing through walls and objects is a really neat feature as well! My fave part is squishing the pumpkins XD

I got the ending pretty quickly but was able to explore a hefty amount. The maps are quite spacious but interesting and for a first serious game I can see you put in a lot of effort! Looking forward to your updates if you ever happen to update this game in the future :)

This is really interesting and your descriptions are vivid! I can feel the immersion as I read the texts.

wow this game is very swag lol.

The story is so silly I love it XD

Thank you for playing my game ^^


Thank you for playing my game.
Hmm, as for the hint. There's only one ending in the main game. However, there should be a zipped folder in the main game file that is locked with a password that would lead you to another ending :) good luck!

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oh that's the first I heard that someone got the secret ending, thank you!  If you try to interact with the dresser a couple of times something will eventually happen, but it's pretty quick and a minor silly thing so it's nothing too serious or relevant.

thank you!

Thank you!

thank you for playing as well as the feedback! I agree I thought it sounded like a gun cocking when I was using the sound effect too (lol). I may change that in the future if I ever want to update the game again :) 

oh fast, thank you!

thank you for playing my game ^^ I don't have any social media so there's no need to tag me.

Thank you ^^

thank you very much!