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cute game and super interesting concept!!


wondering the same thing

love it doggy!!

so obsessed with this game but so bummed bc when i download on mac it says it cannot be opened bc i have no application to open it through:(  if anybody knows a fix for this plz let me go bc i really want to be able to have this game on my computer! so much fun

absolutely loved this game!!!

beautiful little game. thank u for spreading awareness!!

this is a cute fun little game!


i think fox

very cool game but would be much more enjoyable if you didn't move so slow

(1 edit)

lost my kitty very suddenly in January and this game genuinely DESTROYED ME. bawled my eyes out but 10/10 beautiful and devastating game very cathartic for me to play

edit: it's the next day and im coming back NOT to replay but just to pet meowmie and hear her cute little meows

sound didn't play for me (MacOS) but beautiful simple little game:) love it