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Oh, hi! 

Thanks a lot!

That was a point of our versus mode :)

Thanks to Momplaisir Loyalty Freak Music for his talented stuff. He also got many other genres and compositions, you might like them.


Glad you like it! Thanks for taking your time for leaving a commentary :)

Hi, Ukiwuki!
Thanks a lot for being friendly :)
I hope our game won't drown among sooo many other games.
Have a good night! 

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Hi there, guys! Hope you enjoy our game :)

We are a small team of two people and it seems like we've became a cavemans during the development process. It was very instensive and we've seen not a single Sun ray. I am tired a bit so my EN might be bad somewhere.

Have perfect days! 

Hello there!

ITCH.IO link:

Boltzmann Brain
 is a hardcore 2D arcade puzzle game with local multiplayer for up to 4 players about a Robot and his friends, who found themselves conscious in a dark and also beautiful space. How did the Robot acquire his mind? What happenned to him before that moment? How did he appear in such a place? What is the purpose of his life cycle? So many weird questions that need answers, but the main is - what is the reason to exist? In the end - harsh truth awaits.

Boltzmann Brain's story offers hardcore solo levels, where each level requires logics, clear strategy and accurate moves to complete, but you can also outplay your stupid (he-he!) friends in a skilful local versus game.

Main features of the game:

  • Be a part of the Universe itself, start to think from scratch and try to understand the meaning of life;
  • Learn to control The Myach, - the ball, that helps you to navigate and solve puzzles, while also creating tons of different situations in a local games;
  • Skilful local multiplayer with up to 4 players with various arenas to choose from;
  • 40 solo levels to test your logics, creativity, reaction and precision;
  • Full support of up to 4 controllers aside from the game launcher;
  • Feel the special mood of music by the French composer Monplaisir Loyalty Freak Music :)