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Thanks for the answer, time to reinstall the game and try it.

Hi, thank you for the update, I have been following this since the first release... The update is awesome...

Is there anyway to open the locked door? The one directly below occult club room? When you party up with the girls, they said they're leaving it to Kat to open door (which Kat replied affirmatively). But I can't find way to open the door...





I'm a bit disappointed on the party ending... I thought it's going to be a bit longer than that.

Good game! Very creative!

Most of the videos can't be played (got the usual YT error message)... Is this deliberate?

That's why you shouldn't download it from other/non-official website.

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I want to activate into adult option package, but I don't have enough credits :'(

The game is fresh and interesting... The last level is not fair though...

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Which one is the post-jam version? domeromantik.exe or domeromantik_orig.exe?

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Is there anyway to back to checkpoint without resetting the game? I'm stuck and can't do nothing...

Some C&C if you don't mind...

  1. A textbox at middle lower of screen would be better and looks more polished.
  2. Seeing that it's a short game, perhaps the elevator ride could be faster?
  3. Lots of jaggies in the art... is it deliberate?

BTW, what engine did you use?

Thanks for the game... Here's some of my thoughts:

  1. It's a pretty long game (with big empty space and plenty of fetch quest and with only single item slot)... so no save option hurts a lot.
  2. Not to mention with one (or perhaps some?) game breaking bugs... I put an item on the ground and sometime later, it's gone, making me unable to progress the game (forcing me to replay the game from the very beginning... there's no way I'm going to do that).
  3. So in the end, I'm stuck at section where we must collect three sacred commandment... I collect all three but they won't take the third one.. And the item that was missing (when I put it on the ground) is the half full bottle of toritium or something).

The game is good! If you don't mind I have something to say...

  1. The most important thing that bugging me is that the screen can shift up and down. It makes aiming and moving around confusing and more difficult, not that it has any benefit either.
  2. Without match, you can't light candles. But without light from candles, you can't find the match. Please make it so only matches that "lit up" in the darkness.

Thank you for the plug-ins... Is this free for commercial project?

Finally! Chapter 4 in English! Thank you very much! I'm going to play this ASAP!

Just wondering... Why Spanish first?

Thanks for the game...

Is there only one ending in this game?

Great game!

Not a major/game breaking bug, but...

1. You must press interact to advance text while examining. It's 2 different buttons and is a inconvenience for players.

2. You can move a bit after clicking on door/vent, before the screen goes dark/transition to new room.

3. You can take Rambo's keycard multiple times (everytime you examine his body, you get a message that you take the keycard).

4. When you use vent in cargo bay 1, you're not spawned anywhere near the cargo bay 2 vent.

Played it and I really like it! A little bit stuck on some places... but this is a very good game with a very good graphics and sounds (sound is very important in this game).

I've unlocked and watched everything, so I'm going to give my two cents... The good ending is the first ending I unlocked, and IMO it was the best ending...

The normal ending is well... normal, that's to be expected... But the true ending is also just normal... completely to be expected (or I must say cliche?)... It's boring and predictable... As one of the ending, sure... But as true ending? The additional good ending completely eclipse that... Not because good ending has more happier tones... But it's because it's more creative and interesting.

I kinda wish the true ending has more creative and twist... Like everything that the quill has created can never be truly erased, so Aria and the library is actually still out there... somewhere... waiting... And Clyde (and co) has to be responsible of what they created someday... or something like that.

Also, Aria's definition of happy ending is a bit skewed, surprising that she has read lots of book. That definition is not happy ending... It's BITTERSWEET ending.

Thanks for making this great game... I've played it and unlocked the Good ending on first try... It's a beautiful game.

Now I'm going to unlock rest of the endings.

Just wondering if this game has multiple ending?

Finished the game... So what is the story about?





So... what happened at the end? I don't understand at all...

Both discord channel and website is gone/down? So no more or they are moved to other place?

Same, at first you need to do schoolwork first... so I search his room quite a bit first. It should be housework, not homework.

Done, thank you for the link.

Thank you for the game, it's awesome... BTW, where can I fill the survey? I can't find the link anywhere...

Wow, the game is awesome... Gives you a very strong Corpse Party vibe... Too bad this is only a demo, I want to play the full version (and I really hope there will be multiple endings).

It's made using Godot. It's a free but powerful engine.

I thought this game is on giveaway until today? But I can't claim it?

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The truck problem is not just on waste dump/fertilizer plant... Sometimes they just neglect some plants, especially on isolated place (like out of place ore mines)... but sometimes near plants can also be neglected. I have several times ore mines hit maximum capacity... and I always have lots of trucks and roads.

The priority options isn't mandatory, so it's not adding much micromanaging for the player. Actually one truck for one building is more than enough, but since we can't dedicate trucks to a particular building, one truck one building is suddenly not enough.

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Hi, these are some bugs and suggestions that I found during playing the game. Hope this help:

1. Quick save: since later stages (especially 6 waves mission) can take more than 2 hours, it's a good idea to add some kind of save features. If you don't want player to be able to reload game (in case of screws up), then just delete the save after loading.

2. I've wrote this before, but during sandstorm, all turrets are knocked-out despite having tons of both electricity an stored power. Also, when the batteries inside turrets run out, they're also knocked out despite clear weather and having tons of electricity (and stored power) available.

3. Truck priority. AI's truck could have some tweak, or perhaps you can add some priority options (on the garage or truck). I have tons of trucks and roads, should be more than enough to keep entire economy going. But despite that, the truck keeps delivering ores and food, which is good, but they neglect the fertilizer plants (they keep it empty for too long time) even after crossing the plant multiple times with empty cargo (the waste plant and fertilizer plant is very close each other and can be traveled in one go).

You can add options so a certain truck is dedicated to certain facilities.

4. Keyboard shortcut. Like R for road placement, C for community center, etc. This is important during wave since we can't pause and we need to be fast.

5. Ability to undo last action. So when I accidentally place something in wrong place, or bulldoze wrong building, I can instantly correct my mistake.

Is this a bug? Since battery is supposed to power turret during sandstorm, right? But I have TONS of surplus (like +500) and TONS of battery power (like 60,000) but when sandstorm comes, all turret were instantly knocked out...

(fortunately I also have 4 garrison on each wall as a backup)

I don't know why, but cheatengine refusing to work lately. I can't even attach the game (error opening process). Not just this game, but lots of other game and software too... Not all, but plenty of them... Anyone experiencing same problem like this?

I don't know why, but cheatengine refusing to work lately. I can't even attach the game (error opening process). Not just this game, but lots of other game and software too... Not all, but plenty of them... Anyone experiencing same problem like this?

If I downloaded the 19.09.20 files (the one for Windows) and start fresh/new game, I don't need to download the update files (the one that 20MB), right?

Just like 1242 said, you don't really need cheat for Lust Doll Plus since at new game, you can boost all stats and credits, enough to plow easily the game... with one hand (iykwim ;) ).

Can I use save files from the original game?

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All dropped items are gone when you quit the game (back to main title). I've made sure to save multiple times and exit via esc button. And I've tried this multiple times... All dropped items are gone.

And excavated minerals (but still not collected) also gone when you quit the game, even after saving.

Where do we stash items (or mined minerals)? Is it only on permanent storage which needed to be crafted first?