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Allright sounds great. Keep making these type of song they are great!

Hello I just purchase this pack. What makes this pack different from the others, I was just wondering? Dose it offer more or allow for anything different?

Wow thank you for doing this, what a great idea.

Thank you I'm happy you loved it!

Yes I will have to make bigger buttons they are a bit to small and could be a problem. Thanks for the feedback.

Glad you like it. Are you playing on a phone or computer? The hit boxes are good for the enemies. Or are you talking about the UI?

Thank you means lots!

Hey long time no see, do you remember the comment you made on my game jam? I still remember it and thought you might want to see what I finally work on. All this time now I'm launching my first game on steam!

Tenko's Magical Sword Quest on Steam (

Wow these are perfect RPG Battle backs!

Wow amazing keyboard and its animated. I cant wait to try it out!

Awesome pack just pick this up!

Thank you! I love the waterfall it this one. I use a waterfall in one of games so I cant wait to try these out once I finish this new project I'm working out.  I agree with the guy above said this is one of your most polished packs. You got some art talent!

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What! This is beautiful, just found about about your pixel art work.

Wow this is perfect!


Allright no problem how much for Checkpoint!

This looks neat!

You're awesome anytime is fine.

Amazing pack I had to buy this, you have amazing art work!

Beautiful pack! Are you able to animate the waterfall, splash, and water?

Hi I really like these, you have a good sound. The voice sound I need is Checkpoint!

If you can do that will be great it not no problem. Thank you for a nice pack.

Thank you will be using it as my main cursor for my next game. You made a simple but effective cursor that was much needed!

I'm really liking the glow text!

Can this be use with keyboard or gamepads?

Awesome this might be the help I needed for my fighting game!

I really like the style you did here, great work!

I'm enjoying the style very much!

High quality character, you rock!

The colors are amazing!

Very well made congrats!

Wow this would go good with my fighting game I made, I might have to look into this.

Top quality work!

Wow your amazing!

Your very good at making tilesets keep them coming!

Thanks for the info.