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Very Nice Pixel Art!

Nice these look good! Could be fun to play with.

Wow only using 8x8 pixels.

Very nice buttons!


Nice Asesprite is my fav art tool

Very nice!

Nice job, keep them coming!

Ok I cant wait to hear it. I'm all about that kind of music! The trick is to make it loop 30 second. that is the cool thing about chiptune they only use small amount of time to make it loop continuously .

Ok just wanted to double make sure. Thank you for the quick reply.

Another great track!

Have you ever experimented making chip tune music? 

Wow this looks like a classic all ready!

Are there animations for the buildings?

Yes, would be interested what else you come up with!

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Looks like your gonna have to try harder here is my score with the latest update. Lighting Power Upgrade!

Just bought the pack, amazing!

Wow this is a nice pack congrats on the style very unique!

Thank you very much I just release it! Glad you enjoyed it as much as me. What's your highscore?

I really thinking of getting this pack, awesome work!

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Nice and relaxing thank you for that calming music. I know what game type it would work good with.

Nice a like music made with fami tracker

Nice song!

These look real good!

Wow you created some good music!

Wow this is looking great!

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The intro was amazing! Taking out those orcs with a single blow great work really gets you into the game instantly. You know I think you should upload this to html and have it played that way. I know for sure that would be a plus. I had to download a program to be able to open the .rar file. That can be a problem for some people trying to open the file. I say this was a great jam! Congrats!

Just when I go into the hero I became a dog as the hero!? Haha

The dog is kicking more butt than the main character! Nice Top Down Attacks.

I like this very much will come in handy!

Wow these are great animations!

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Oh I see it now I didnt notice it before thanks for letting me know. I purchase this on. 2019-12-11 11:37:42 When I'm ready to post a game on mobile, I will take a look at this again. Thanks for the quick reply

Hello I purchase this but It I see no folder that contains all the plugins? This wont open without the plugins needed.

Do you have Discord?

Glad you enjoyed it. Yes I made it free for anyone to play. I made this more for playing with friends I'm still learning how to make a decent CPU to fight against.

What do you mean about the page reminded you of Halo?

Very good for 3 days good job!

Thank you very much NES vibes for sure!

Music is custom made that I hired for my own game music. As well as the art, there are some of  the art come from packs that I took and make them work with RPG MV.

Yes youre right about the plugins I wanted to add all the plugins I use in the credits but I ran out of time.

Yes the Demo ends after winning the Boss chicken. I really try my best to make a ending but I had to rush it to at least have a boss to fight. So I'm happy I was able to add that.

Yes your correct once you get the special lumber that is the last piece to fix the ship to travel other islands.

I only did that as a joke I forgot to take that part off haha. I do plan to finish the demo to have more content. What took lots of time was all the custom art fitting them so they work with MV.

Thank you I did my best for the month. I over did it so now I'm working on my platformer games at the moment.