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Nice work!

Really awesome!

Cool Selection.


Wow this is beautiful, great art work!

The license for everything are in the links in the descriptions. All of them are CC0

Wow this looks great!

I do plan to release more templates each week to help new devs out. I have one template out so far.

Hello what license dose this contain?

Very clean and well made!

Nice Font Thinking of picking it up!

Wow this is great effects!

Just Purchase These, Thank you!

Very nice keep them coming!

Just bought the Sound Pack, Thank you, Keep making more sounds!

Awesome Trees!

Awesome game! Nice upgrades and different projectiles.

Wow! The best enemies pack on itch!

Can you please upload a zip file? Wont open.

Really good font! Thank you.

These are high quality sounds, keep them coming!

Wow, Great addition!

Amazing, wow! So awesome for you to have made a beautiful tool like this!

Very relaxing tileset looks great!

You have some cool ideas.

Nice idea

Keep up the good work on this one.

This is one cool sprite!

Yes you have to destroy all the creeps to win, I will have to look into it a little more as well. I remember making this way back and I would like to make a new version in the future. Thank you for the feedback.

Thank you glad you enjoyed it!

really amazing chess set pixel art!

Awesome sounds great! I will let you know when I use one of your songs in a video.

Awesome music! Are we able to use this on youtube videos. I will link music in description let me know thank you.

This is a very nice pack, awesome work!

Awesome thanks just sent you donation.

Are you gonna add the Donate Button?

I went over the files, thank you for doing that for me. By the way you are really good at creating fonts! I say keep them coming.