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Probably, some Itch issue. I can notice some loading issues now as well... 

I was sure itch contains Duskfall update, thanks for your message!
 The game will be updated asap.

Jerry Wanker and The Quest To Get Laid

Yep, it's available

He can't purchase\ download  the file because of unknown reason. What actually we can do with it? The only warranty we can provide is a free demo, so you can make sure the game is working on your device.

please try to contact support

Sure, you can check Perky Little Things as well.

This game won't be on Steam, as VALVE don't want it there.

So far we plan at least one extension.

I believe there are successful gay games,  but it's just not our thing.

I mean you need some experience with audience and domain knowledge, right? :) 

With next update (we plan to add more content as well).

Please try PC_safe version.

We will try to add this in future updates

Os? Do you play demo or v1.2?
Does it work on web demo?


Sure, will upload it soon.

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ok, we will check it, I have the same issue on a virtual machine
it looks like a driver issue,  please try apply VSync in NVIDIA drivers panel or update vide driver

We will consider it.

Thanks for this issue, what's your system?

In theory yes, but where to release it? Google is not an option.

Use blue "Download" button

Please, tell us if you like this game :)