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thanks so much for playing!:)

thanks for playing + for the feedback! ^_^

I appreciate this review lol, thanks so much! 

It looks like there's a glitch with the itch app that causes that common error:: Cannot read property 'build' of undefined issue - Questions & Support - if you go to the desktop site in a web browser that might resolve the issue if you keep having problems with it.

thanks for the feedback!:)

thanks so much! I'm definitely thinking about it:)

thank you for the feedback!:)

aw thanks so much!

Hi! I'd like to submit my game to this cause::

this was a really cool game:) I enjoyed it! really cleverly put together & I'm going to have to replay to try to get the other endings

thank you!:)

Thanks!! Yes my newer gamepad worked but my 360 didn't, so it's probably picky about what kind & I don't know which yet lol, sorry about that though!

woo hoo! It's my first ever game with enemies + fighting ^_^ hope you enjoy!

thanks for the feedback, much appreciated!

aw thank you so much!:)