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great game! I just played it in a crowded bar and accidentally punched someone in the head.


Captain's log: Day 1: I ate some cheese, and some coins, and then headed out into the storm. Lost my footing and fell about 20 feet into my boat, immediately lost consciousness.

Captain's log: Day 2: I awoke in my boat and sailed to a strange hollow island. Following stairs inside, I emerged on the surface, where I found and ate a can of beans and some more coins. Slept under the stars (and the rain).

Captain's log: Day 3: Lost my footing again and dropped roughly 40 feet into my boat, but apparently no worse for wear. Continuing on my same course took me to an island identical to the one from which I had originally departed. However, where I'd previously found cheese and coins, here I found two more cans of beans, which I consumed. Writing in this journal I found here as I ponder my next move...

Thanks, Lee! Hopefully someday soon I'll stop being sick and can add more to it! :)

awesome game! If you update to Unity 4.6rc2 it'll let you build for web again (that's what I did for my entry, Downtown)

thanks, Jupiter!

wow! Very impressive for just 7 days!

great game! very relaxing. took me a while to realize that you could re-launch in mid-air. :)

cool stuff! I really like the teleporting shot, although I wish the player could control that rather than the enemy; maybe a more puzzly approach where you have a limited number of teleport shots and have to clear out all the enemies or get to a specific place.

love this! My favorite game of the jam so far. :)