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Luscious Kitten

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Smooth controls and Smooth movements unlike some of the unity games that I have played ( but it is short and simple so that may be why) I was never really uneasy during the game, but it did have some decent sounds. OVerall I really loved how smooth everything was. Wasn't expecting that ending lol.

I uninstalled as soon as you put the first key on my computer and then i ran my real virus scanner just to make sure, I don't really like a game doing all of this on my computer.

YAY!! I'm so happy you're making another one! lol

nothing lets me interact with it, I did as the instructions said.

I think the game is broken? I see the nails but not the notes.

Rated 5 *'s

I surprisingly really enjoyed this, I don't normally like pixel games like this.

Will you be making more horror games like this? 

lmao that was hilarious

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pretty neat concept

rated 4 *'s

This game scared the crap out of me to the point I had to pause and cover my face, I didn't end up finishing the game lol, scared me too much! LOL 

I liked the game though, from what I did play. I rated 5 stars

lmao omg, I laughed so hard bwahaha

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Game looks awesome, I thought this was going to be horror, but it wasn't, atleast not IMO. The male voice actor needs to practice a lot more.

There were other  stuff too but I'm just going to leave it at that.