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That is one wise wraith, alright.

EXCELLENT poem/game. Very dead horse.

I'm actually pretty excited about how lonely and stark this game feels, due to the lack of interactivity. That emptiness of game mechanics actually captures something very western for me. Nice work!

I thought I told some pretty good stories, tbh, but the longhorn and her buddies did NOT agree.

I love any chance I'm given to scramble stories, so I naturally loved this game :) great job.

"This game deserves every last one of its many prestigious accolades. " — a person who has cried in the desert before

Hey! I wish I could play this game (mac-user), because judging by the images and description, it sounds like 1. a really creative, thoughtful, and exciting interpretation of the Mystic Western theme, and 2. something I'd really love. Signed up for your "Perfect" mailing list, though, that project is incredible! Thanks for making great stuff, and thanks for the tip about my broken link :)

I really liked this game! Beautiful art & music, I really love the palette & all the sound design details. Thanks!

WOW!! This game is amazing! I love that you got to mystic by shattering a western. Brilliant. And a truly well-deserved 5-stars for "Endless Skies." Too bad though, about Jane. Loved it. Thanks!

Wow, those frogs were not easy! Great little game. Thanks!

This was exactly what I wanted to play today. Thank you!

Personally, I *loved* the super minimal sound design! I do filmscores & video game scores, and I thought the choice to not include a soundtrack was a brilliant & effective way to immerse you in this quiet place.

Perfect windy listless summer story! Adventure games always start with this choice, but it's never an actual choice, and they rarely end with it. I was already feeling hot, and now I feel hotter. Love all the sparse sounds & visual details. Thanks!

Wow, I love so much about this game! The seasick drifty floating, the simultaneously ominous/sweet/nervy countdown, the wonderful text, the lovely art, the simplicity of concept & execution.

And the MUSIC! That moment with the M7 from the M7 sounds SO GOOD. And the layering. Super inspiring.

Thanks! Great game!