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This is Great! Thank you for sharing :)

I'm glad you like it! Its not based on any particular folk tale, but inspired by some elements from 3 different Lithuanian folk tales (the walnut containing the lake, the drowned smithy, and the cheating sorceror) , and a strong twist of MÖRK BORG influence :)

What a great adventure!

Used the second draft to run this with one player and me GM'ing, and it was great! Every character is so fleshed out it was so easy for me to prep the game, and to find any additional information my player wanted to know that i missed.

Loved the art style as it was the main reason why  i got this !

Thanks for the comment! I was thinking about specific replys at first too, but eventually left it out, as some other options also. Since I was strugling to fit all of it on one page! Just started to learn how to do layouts properly.

Thank you for the in depth comment! Depending on the players and the dice the skulls sometimes do become almost immposible from my testing, especially if the players wait around for a new batch, thats why the Lich is left as is if one needs a greater chalenge use it at full force like in the book, or just as as gem holding tool :)

Thank you, so much! Your comment made my day !

Wow this is amazing! Will print this out for the next MB gamenight!