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Mmm, anyway, I'll need a cheap solution to play homebrews on my PS1 first ( like the PS2 FBMC ), I'll see then if can port it.

thank you for your feedbacks!
Can you explain what DAS is, the lack of timer reset on the auto fall after entering a D-pad command?
I'm aware of the counterclock wise pill rotation, I will probably implement this but only for physical releases.
The pause is coded on the pause button console only, on real hardware.
Concerning the MD compatibility, I haven't tried that, I just received a cheap converter and will give it a try. I use GBDK kit for dev, maybe there is something not managed well in that test case.

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Mmm, probably, but my interest is on mainstream 2D consoles with a good C devkit. For example, I don't think people would be interested in a port for PSX or Dreamcast, those are 3D machines. On the other end, Sega Saturn has a great reputation for 2D stuff.

I also have another rule, being able to test on real hardware on my side, which means getting the console and a flash card, in the long run, it costs a lot.

thank you!

thank you!

Thanks a lot! glad you like it :)

Merci :) je peux pas vraiment faire mieux sur MS, il faut savoir qu'un décor est composé de tuiles de 8x8 pixels, mon aire de jeu fait 16 tuiles ( 128 pixels ), je serais obligé de passer à 16x16 pixels par tuile si je veux faire plus gros, donc 256 pixels de haut et ça dépasse la limite de 192 pixels de la console. Sur GG ça passe de justesse car l'écran fait 144 pixels de haut. Ce type de jeu est taillé pour de la portable, c'est moins évident sur de la console de salon.