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Oh man, i stayed up all night playing this to get all the endings and WOW
this is simply amazing, i thought that of Solanaceae too, but this one is even better! I really love how all the characters are written, none of them seem really exaggerated or anything, they're all very believable, lovable, and relatable in some way and that's really great to find in a vn, or well any game really!


and I really REALLY love that you can have a poly relationship. I was curious what would happen if you spent and equal amount of time with both of them and that wasn't what i was expecting, but i was VERY pleasantly surprised! I also liek that in the Lady's route you get hints that their might be a poly route, that was really awesome when i noticed it!

(end spoiler)

so all in all, great game 100/10 :D everyone who worked on this did an outstanding job. I shared it with some friends so hopefully they'll enjoy it too!

Okay, that was adorable. I really enjoy the game mechanics and the puzzles aren't ridiculously challenging, but some of them do make you think (in particular the puzzle with half the bridge raised)

this is a really fantastic start, I'm excited for the full game and seeing more interactions between those three!