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I know, that's what I did the first time, the second time though when I was trying it popped up anyways. I stayed under the blanket but seemed to bug out.

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Wow, I was amazing by the games quality and content I just wished I could've played more, but I think I ran into a bug. I died and restarted but it seemed every time a dude appeared and I went under the blanked I got spooked anyways. Not sure if I was doing something wrong or if it was bugged. Really good concept though.

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The game was meta indeed, had me going there when I realized I was just controlling  some other life form trying to get myself out. I really do like the concept of the game though and there hasn't been much games that I've seen at least that are like this one. It was an enjoyable experience and the graphics fit well with it.

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The game was fairly well made, and I don't know why you'd wanna change the pixel style, it fits very well with the game. It was a very nice experience, a problem I had was trying to walk around in the dark. Either way though great game, it was scary at some points but maybe it was just me being silly.

I'd say it was okay, it was your first game so it's understandable. Few things I'd suggest is maybe working on some textures, and maybe make sure most of the music on the game has a loop so it doesn't just all of a sudden stop. The models weren't to bad they just seemed a little unfinished. I'm sure you'll learn the more you create though, keep on creating. Haha, and remember to enjoy what you're making as well.

It was a pretty sweet game, it was cute but had some little secrets in it. The music was fairly nice and the puzzles were just right. It's a fairly nice RPG maker game, with some very nice little visuals as well!

Wow, this game is very graphically pleasing, and the atmosphere was a really nice touch too. It's a pretty creepy game, and I think you have something very good here, only wish it were longer. Haha

The game wasn't to bad. Had some nice atmosphere to it and had a creepy, yet sad story to it. The music in the last scene might have been a little much though, but still was a very nice experience and I hope to see more from you!

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My friend and I played for a bit, the game is fun if there was some more sounds to it, levels, and some more design the game could be really good but for the short experience that it was we had fun with it and we're glad we could play =-3


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I'd say the game is alright. if you worked on the models a bit and not to give the player a gun right away to shoot the scares away. Did have a good setting though put me on edge for a bit, if you made some tense moments I'm sure it would've been better. Good game either way!


Really had some fun with your game, after awhile though I can see it getting a little bit tiring and over done, but it's still pretty fun either way and I really enjoyed it!


The game was pretty interesting and very pretty for a  voxel game. I really enjoyed it and hope to see more from you in the future, even maybe a more full game. A lot of potential here!