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Thank you!

Thank you TR!!

Hi Jordan! I had consider about adding more keys but I'm afraid once player lose track they will just open their eyes to check. Thank you for your feedback!

Thank you!!

Thank you! Yes, the key position is reversed for mainly two purpose, one is to distract those who play it with their eyes open. Another reason is that, imagine that you are the computer of the "player" (so you are facing the "player"), the player's front is your back and player's left is your right. Maybe I should explain this in the game. I will consider about this. Thank you for your feedback!

Thank you!!

Hi Jordan! The art looks really cool! I like the idea of birds playing rock paper scissors with their feathers.  The paper mario's sound effect sounds great in your game. I do wish there is a timer count down sound effect for the counting down at first, but once I got familiar with the control I didn't worried about the counting down anymore. I would also like to see more instructions in the beginning. Now the instructions are given in the description, may be try to move them into the game and let that pigeon to "introduce" them for you. Great work overall!

This game is so cute! Never knew that bunnies can only see green color and can't see their front, but I definitely get a sense of how their life feels like in your game. There are so much nice details in this game (like the magazine under the bed, nice touch). I wish there are more things that I could interact with, it will be cool to see how a bunny is going to judge human's objects. I also wish that I could hop higher. For now, the hopping can't brings me to anywhere so it feels the same as walking around, but it will be cool if players could hop on the bed or the soft to see more stuff. Overall, Great work!

I really enjoy the simplicity of this game. The point that you are playing as a leader, who can't be hurt by anything, but you still send out your vulnerable followers to take damages can get quite philosophical. And it even gets more philosophical when I realize that in the last two levels the easiest way to go through them is to try to minimize the follower you have. My only critique is that I wish there are some sound design with this game. Also one thing I noticed is that if I shoot my follower fish out and move to the next level before them comeback, those follower fish will just stay in the pervious level. Overall though, great work!

The concept of this game is so cool! I think allowing players to check the human pov is a great idea, especially that you only show players part of the maze in the human pov, so the game is still challenging with the human pov window opened. For me I feel like that maze is a little bit overwhelm. I would like to start with a much simpler maze to get a sense of the game, and then level up the difficulty step by step. But for a one week project, this is a really amazing work that carries the idea perfectly. Great work!

I really like the whole vibe of this game. The sound design and the Art style fits the theme nicely. I really enjoy the sound of pressing down the button. The writing adds a lot of flavors to it. I like the clean UI design a lot, but it took a while to get a sense of the meaning of those 3 signs on those 3 bars. I wouldn't mind to have some more instructions at the start so players could understand their goal quickly. Great work overall!

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Thank you for your comment! By the time you left this comment, I assume you played the mac download version which has a bug in it that cut out the end part. I apologize for that. If you are interested about the ending, you can check the newly update WebGL version. 

This Game feels fun and hard like the really dodgeball! I think the control is hard mainly because the mouse movement is too sensitive, but it has its own flavor after you get used to it. I like how the arrow sprite get blur a little bit when you turn. The skybox looks really nice but somethings it's hard to tell which direction the ball is coming from in the skybox (sometimes I feel like the ball is coming from the ground?). It will be nice if the game can add something that helps player to estimate the direction of the ball (like if there is a ball coming from the right and it is outside of player's current sight, a right arrow sign will pop up) Overall this is a really challenging game, and I really enjoy playing this. Great work!

The struggle button add so much flavor to this game. Wish there is a restart button for fish that finally gets into the water. Not sure is this an artistic choice, but the fish can still makes the jump sound after it gets in to the water now. The water looks rally nice. Even though the fish may die, the game somehow still has a really relaxing vibe e. Nice work!

I really enjoy playing this game! The Art style is strong. The drawing machine is fun. The transition is really smooth.  The head animation is really impressed. I think his mouth movements somethings match his words, which is amazing. The collision detection for letter "G" and "D" has some problem. For G, the lower part has some wrong collision detections, but players can finish it by just drawing the upper part. For "D", players can finish by it only drawing the top part. Overall this is a really fun game! Great work!

Smart way to use the given Assets (the text, the sprites and the baby crying sound). My only suggestion is to give more feedback for clicking the egg. The cracks only updates after certain amount of clicks, so maybe the egg could shake a little bit each time player click it just to give more feedback to players. Nice work!

Wow, the end page is Epic. I also like the way you subtly include the score in the end page. After reading the end page I feel like everything in this game is meaningful and intentional,  therefore there is no way to give any critic for any aspect of this game. My only suggestion is to adjust the ui so it's can fit into the window. When I'm not in the full screen mode, some of the text doesn't show up. And when I full screen, it feels like the size of the ui doesn't affect by the size of the screen. Other than that, I really enjoy this game and my meaningless life. Great work!

I really like the concept of this game! Once I figured out the the relationship between all the numbers, it became really fun to manage the states. I like the simple art style. The black & white photo adds so much flavor to it. A small bug I find is that the food amount can goes to "-1" if you keep clicking after it reaches 0. But it doesn't influence the overall gameplay. 

If you are going to keep develop this further, I wish to see more changing with the scene when I interact with each button. For example, like the light could turn on and off when play is sleeping. Without any changing in the scene, it's kind of hard to tell which state I'm currently at.  Like at first I thought I need to click the "bed" button again to get up from the bed after I go to sleep. Also It will be nice if the UI can be reorganized to make it looks easier to track which button is corresponding to which status (Unless you are going for the direction to make things hard to maintain for players at beginning). Also I really wish to see some nice sound design in this game! I almost felt like I heard some haunting melody and camera shutter sounds in my head when I was playing. 

Overall I really enjoy this game. Great work!

I really enjoy keeping pressing space key just to see all those random generate cute creature! Even though they are generated by code, all of them looks really nice and cute. It must took a long time to make sure all kinds of eyes, mouths and body shapes work together. Great job on that! 

One thing I notice is that the first box is called "play", so I assume that should be the place where the creature plays the ball. But every time I switch between creatures, the ball is generated in the "room"  box with the furnitures, and there is nothing I could interact with in the "play" box.  Laster I find that when I bring the ball to the very front and throw it to the side, it goes to the "play" box, but I still can't interact with the ball in the "play" box. I only played the mac version so I'm not sure is this only happens to mac. Other than this minor problem, I like every  design aspect of this game.  Excellent work!

Hi Jordan! I really enjoy this cute typing game! Your art style fits the theme perfectly. There are times that I need to click twice to get through a command, but in general the it feels really smooth. If you are going to take this game further, I wish the difficulty will increase as the game progress (ex. like after x secs player need to type out the whole command for the Slime to obey). Also I really enjoy the sound design, but I wish there is a background music that consist with the sound effects. Overall I really love this game! Great work!

This is a really cute simple game! The animation is really smooth and I wish to see more of it. Especially when player is not clicking, the snack could still move slightly from time to time (like blink his eyes, and move his tongue) In the middle I thought the head of the snack is moving with my cursor then I realize that it's not. I wish to have more kind of interaction with the snake . Also It will be nice if you could add a background music or some snake sound effects. I didn't figure out how to get bitten, I tried with its tongues, eyes and tails, I also tried continue clicking the snake multiple times. If there is a "Get bitten" eastern eggs, maybe try to make it more obvious to find.

This is a really amazing meta virtual pet game! I love the discussion about Virtual Pet game. Those twists are strong. The overall art style and sound design work really well with the story line! I do wish there are more story happens with the nurse (I somehow get a villain vibe from her at the very beginning), but I get that Max is the main focus of the plot. It will be nice if  there are more than one branch of the story, like you only trigger the meta part if you make certain choice. But for a one week project you already have a really strong narrative. 

In term of critiques, I really want to see some kind of eastern eggs at the end! Another minor critique is that personally I think the control may feel more consistence if player could click through the dialogue use their mouse, so that players don't need to switch controls between the dialogue phase and the feeding phase. 

Overall this is an Amazing work! I really enjoy it!

Thank you Frank! I used Sprite Shape component to manipulate the cat's body & neck, and control the tangent and point position with code. It's a great tool, But I don't recommend to use it in my way. The tangent of each point during run time is hard to calculate and its hard to get precise position of parts  (like I couldn't get the precise position of the head). When I realize that this is not the best approach I had already gone too far with it hhhh

Thank you for playing! I agree that waiting for the thing you want to spawn in later stage is kind of awkward, I will figure out a way to solve this if there is a future version.

Thank you Jordan! I definitely want to improve the issue with aiming and movement during normal gameplay. The current I approach I took with moving the cat's neck make it impossible for me to get precise position of the head, but if there is a future version I will figure out some other approaches. Thank you for playing!

Thank you! I intended to only aim the head during the normal game play stage when I started. But with the way I worked with the neck, I didn't figure out a way to get precise position of the head during run time.  

Thank you! 1:30 is a really strong score!

I really like the idea of moving player to a new level once the happy bar is full (like you would get a promotion if you watch enough video at work haha)! Thank you for this great suggestion! 

Hey Euris! I really enjoy playing this game! The art style and the overall feeling of the game player are cohesive and work nicely. My only concern is that it doesn't really feel like a rush hour, it would be more fun if the speed of every cup raise up as time goes on. Besides the bug that you can lid a cup more than one time, one thing I notice is that somethings after I lid a cup, the sprite of the cup will go behind my arm's sprite. Other than that, I really enjoy lidding those cups! Good job!

The visual style of this game is really cohesive from the start to the end. I don't have much to critique. I really like how you bring a simple concept into a well developed game. In terms of game play, one thing I notice is that player can get around with most if the asteroid by continuing hitting the space bar to stay at the same place. If that's not a behavior that is rewarded in this game, maybe change the score system so player only get score after they travel a certain distance. Another suggestion is that since the gameplay is quite simple, I wish there are more changes in the background. Like the stars in the background could fade in and out, or other planet may draft by in the background to draw attention from players. Overall I really enjoy playing this game, nice work! 

I really enjoy the neat and clean aesthetic of this game. Nice choice to use the drum beat as the sound effect, it gives the game a kind of music game vibe as it goes faster. 

My only suggestion will be to make the start easier for players. It seems like  players always start with only one grey platform to be landed at first, then player may encounter scenario with 2 or 3 platforms. Maybe start with having three grey platforms, and as player go further, the number of grey platform will go down.

Lastly, I like how the animation in background changes slightly to reward players when they land at the center of a platform. This is so subtle. But once you notice it , it just feel really clever and just the right amount of feedback. That's probably my favorite artistic choice about this game!

Great work!

The whole vibe about this game is so peaceful. I really like that there is no other background music other than the natural sound of waves and the wind.  

My only critique is that now the only way to tell how high the stone is above the water is by the timer. It would be nice if the stone can cast a shadow on the water, and player can judge can high the stone is base on the size the shadow. I saw that each time I bounced, the shadow appeared shortly, but it doesn't have any impact on the game play. So I think it would be nice if the shadow can be used as an indicator of height.

Overall I really enjoy this relaxing game! Nice work!

I had some really fun time playing this game! The cute art style and the  trash eating sound make this game really addictive. The art and music  for  the end ending screen add such a strong emotional twist to the whole game, which I think is a nice artist choice.

Something I think that could make this even better:

1. It will be helpful if you can click Space to restart at the end page  

2. It took me a while to realize that the countdown is a timer. I though it's a health        bar that minus 1 each time when I miss a trash. It will be nice if there is some kind of  clarification about that (maybe a tick-tock sounds in the background will help).

3. It would be nice if there is a counter that keep track of the trash-eating.

4. Since the jumping is really sensitive and kind of hard to control, adding some things that will minus point if play eats them may add more drama and fun.

Overall I really love this game! Great job!

Thank you! I was thinking about to add a boss indicator. Love the idea that the boss might look at you! If there is an update version that is definitely going to be added. Thank you for this great idea!

Thank you! I was thinking about to add a boss indicator, like a red exclamation mark appears on the side of the screen before boss enters. Glad you enjoy this game!

Thank you! I was thinking about to add a boss indicator (like an exclamation mark appears on the side of the screen before boss enters), but the idea of using audio to indicate boss sounds really cool. Thank you for this great idea!

Thank you! I originally intend to start game this way to teach player that "video plays" = "boss gets angry", now I think maybe I could add a boss indicator to introduce that concept to player more smoothly.