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Submitted by LunaWoolf — 3 hours, 24 minutes before the deadline
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I love this game!! The concept is quite relatable to life – the great tension it performs can really make me relate to the character I play, and even reminds me of some personal real-life experience. Yeah, I absolutely agree with that sentence: “that’s just toxic work culture”! The flagrant contrast between the awkward silence when video pauses and the joyous background music when video plays is also really funny.

My only critique would be giving player some signs or indications if boss approaches. The boss appears very frequently, but now the player seems can only pause their video based on luck but rather than reaction speed.

I really adore the sense of humor this game shows, and I definitely want to play it for more times even when jam ends. Great job!


Thank you! I was thinking about to add a boss indicator, like a red exclamation mark appears on the side of the screen before boss enters. Glad you enjoy this game!


+ Great humor

+ Very solid game mechanics for a comedy game

+++++ There is no winning state. Just either get fired or become depressed. The only goal is to survive as long as possible. 

+ Very polished visual

Personal advice for future development 

Currently the player has no clue for where the boss is if the boss is not on screen. I would consider giving the boss some sound footsteps and talking etc. So the players can pause their videos to hear the boss sound, and get a clue how close the boss is. Then you can consider making the boss leave longer to add the dramatic comedy effect. Wonderful idea well executed within a week time frame. Great work. 


Thank you! I was thinking about to add a boss indicator (like an exclamation mark appears on the side of the screen before boss enters), but the idea of using audio to indicate boss sounds really cool. Thank you for this great idea!


This was great! I love the concept - super simple, super relatable, and executed perfectly. I love basically every artistic decision - the faceless corporate drones, the boring cubicle, accompanied with a very pleasant pastel coat of paint. The music was a great choice. I love the catdeathchase asset, especially how it contrasts with the rest of the grim aesthetic of the game.

My only criticisms would be that the game starts with the video on in front of your boss, and that the boss gets mad before you see him/slightly after he leaves the screen. Otherwise this is awesome. 


Thank you! I originally intend to start game this way to teach player that "video plays" = "boss gets angry", now I think maybe I could add a boss indicator to introduce that concept to player more smoothly.