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Wow, it's indeed the perfect pet! The game has great humor, it's really funny to see how you insist on trying to play with the rock or feed it with burgers, but only get desperate silence - absolutely a super fun concept. In terms of feedback, I think you could adjust the text on the button to make it not that blurry: you can first set the font size to a large number, than scaling it off. This should be very simple to fix. Overall this is nice, I'm really satisfied with petting a rock. 

The game is really cute and relaxing to play! Also, I like the pleasant background music. Now the game is short, so there's definitely a lot of room for following polishment. When I'm dragging the items to kitty, I always hoped I could have some more interaction with her - even in the simplest form, like touching her head/tail than she will respond to your action. Other than that, I'm not sure if changing the cursor to the corresponding object is a suitable design, because sometimes it looks like you're dragging two items to kitty, which seems a little bit out of space. Other than that, I really enjoyed cheering kitty up, nice job!

I really like this game! The unique visual aesthetic effectively presents a kind of whimsical style. Also, I like this single-eyed weird creature. For possible further development, maybe you can add more flavors that the creature wants, other than the three it already has. There might be a small bug (or this only happens to my laptop) - the arrow button doesn't work when the game automatically starts second round. Overall nice work!

I love this game so much! It's really fun to see all those randomly generated  creatures, they are all funny and adorable! I especially love the ones with a mustache or a "•︿•͈   face. Though the furniture models are simple, they works quite well in the scene and made a perfect combination of 2D animation and 3D environment, which is really impressive. For the suggestions, I found that the UI text's size will not change correspondingly if I change the size of the game screen. When I launch the game in full screen, I'm no longer able to see any text. Maybe it's just a technical problem for the Windows version? Other than that, everything else is awesome, great job!

The game is so adorable! The visual is awesome, I love all those rich details of room and furnitures. The background music is quite relaxing, and the sound effects of clicking buttons also played very effective role. In terms of feedback, I wish there're some progress bars which player can see how many clicks they still need to unlock the next furniture. Also, making furnitures interactable (like play simple animations when click on them) might be a cool feature to add.  Great work overall! I really enjoyed it.

I love the aesthetics! The city environment is really beautiful, all the building models have very balanced color combination. The lighting provides the environment with feeling of dusk, along with the music made the whole game quite relaxing. In terms of feedback, now the camera can go through the buildings. This is not a big issue, but I think it could be better if the buildings have colliders attached to them. Overall nice work!

I love the concept! Being a deity and just watching time passes is such an incredible experience, and really satisfying. Nice sound effects and visual elements (the frog looks like pixel art, which is a little out of space). The random appearence of bugs and frog is also a quite fun feature. For the biggest suggestion, I hoped there're some interactable objects which you can interact with, like click on the frog and it will jump away. Great work overall, I really enjoyed it!

Present the world from bunny's pov is a really interesting idea! The concept is great - I knew that many animals have different visions than human, and it's actually quite fun to play a game from such realistic perspective. A tiny issue is that the camera will sometimes go thorugh the edge of game objects, which may not be really hard to fix. For the hopping mechanic, I also wish the bunny could hop higher when pressing space (this can distinguish hopping from simply moving forward), because now the hop is a bit too low, which made me a little frustrated while hopping. The rest of the game is enjoyable, great work!

Really fun game! The hold and release mechanic is an addicting feature which makes the whole game attractive. Also, awesome animation of flying bugs, very suitable for the realistic swamp environment. For some suggestions, I think adding  sound effects will greatly increase the gaming experience, and make players feel like they are being in a noisy outdoor environment. I also wish there's a score count which indicates how many bugs the frog already ate, so that I can get a better understanding of how much progression I made. Great work!

I like this game! The concept of messing around with the room when owner is leave is really fun and close to life. I enjoyed playing as a cat and view the room from its perspective. The room details are also great, like the PS4 disks and shoe boxes on the shelves. The multiple endings with different amount of cat food is also very well-considered, quite a pleasant and reasonable surprise that you will get a big fish from your owner even if your final score is zero. For the critique, I found the background music will stop playing after several rounds, maybe it's not set to the loop mode? I also think the cat paw would fit better if it's a 3D model. Great work overall! 

The fish is really cute! I love the art you made and the background music. It's also a very cool feature that the instruction lines become a part of the platforms that you can land on.  For critiques, one thing I noticed is that the fish can sometimes fall behind the game screen, which made me a little frustrated while playing.  Instead of letting the camera keep rising, maybe you can attach the camera to the fish itself, so that player can get better control of their character? I'm not sure. Anyway I really like the rest parts of this game, great work!

Hold and release is definitely a great idea for one-button game! I like the concept that player’s being called “Chef Bunny” because they’re cooking a bunch of carrots, even though the bunny character never actually appears in the game. Besides, I really like the low-poly carrot/cauldron model and that fire flickering particle effect. Some details provide amusement – for example, the carrot has a dark grey color when it’s nearly raw. For suggestions, I think you can also add an over-cooked carrot model if player holds button more than eight seconds. Additionally, adding some background music and sound effect is always a good idea to enhance the gaming experience. Great work overall!

I love this game!! The concept is quite relatable to life – the great tension it performs can really make me relate to the character I play, and even reminds me of some personal real-life experience. Yeah, I absolutely agree with that sentence: “that’s just toxic work culture”! The flagrant contrast between the awkward silence when video pauses and the joyous background music when video plays is also really funny.

My only critique would be giving player some signs or indications if boss approaches. The boss appears very frequently, but now the player seems can only pause their video based on luck but rather than reaction speed.

I really adore the sense of humor this game shows, and I definitely want to play it for more times even when jam ends. Great job!

I really like the aesthetics! The neon lighting effects of drum and drum stick, the particle splashing animation and color selection are all awesome and eye-catching. I also like the beat sound effect when I press the button. My only critique would be adding some more variations or game mechanics to provide replayability, such as making different stages with different kinds of percussion instrument. For example, maybe a cymbal? Anyway, the rest of the game just feels quite enjoyable to me, nice work!

I really like such kind of gameplay, a forever runner game with a jumping mechanic. I also enjoyed the pixel art and relaxing background music quite a lot. My suggestion here would be giving some sound feedbacks when player presses space key to jump, maybe just the simplest train whistle sound? Additionally, now the railroad signs are respawned in very evenly position, I think adding or reducing distance between each railroad signs could provide a greater challenge for players. Great work! 

Thank you! I do agree that a counter will be a good feature to avoid confusion, that's a quite helpful feedback!

Thank you!! Adding music to gameplay sounds like a great idea, and I will definitely find better sound effects to give players more feedback!

A nice clone! The basic mechanics and visual elements faithfully matches the original version. Also cool sound effects like motor running sound and warning tone. A small issue I found is that sometimes I will lose the track of the other enemy motorcycle if I keep chasing one for a period of time. The rest of the game is great!

The game runs smoothly on my laptop, all the game features like UI and basic mechanics are faithful clone of the original game. I really enjoy the bullet shooting animation, it provides some wonderful three-dimensional feeling! For the suggestion, I would expect the motorcycle to move faster, because now it's somewhat slow compared to the original game. Adding a return button after Game Over screen will also be quite helpful. Good job overall!

Thank you! The issue of the speed of the animated sprites does need some modification, thanks for pointing that out! 

Thank you! I would definitely re-edit the soundtrack to make it matches more like the original game!