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I may have actually cried a bit with August in the newest chapter. They are just too good for this world <3

No, the game was working fine. I saved and turned off for the night. The next day when I went to play it wouldn't let me load. It was around the chapter you unlock the 5th CG in.

I just made an account, I didn't post anything there yet but my username is the same.

Thank you for your help :)

Oh no, that version worked perfectly. I meant the version from when you first added Dimitris complete route, before the bug patching that fixed things like the red eyes and skin tone in cgs.

I'm playing Dimitris route and my game froze on starting a new chapter, the one where you have to wear the wedding dress I think. I restarted my computer and when I try to load either manual or quick save I get TypeError Cannot read property 'name' of null. It happened on the last version I downloaded too, but on a few chapters ahead. 

1 is unlocked by talking to Hikaru in the TV Station someday when you have the blindfold toy from the guard.  2 is letting Hikaru top in the love hotel. 3 is unlocked by using the cat costume, though it takes a few tries :D

You're welcome ! :D   The ones unlocked in foreplay mode? They can all be unlocked in one run, if I remember correctly :)

If I'm thinking of the right one, you unlock it by using the cat costume a few times :)

To get the costumes you need to talk to the Pink Bear in the Love Hotel at night ( not during dates ) :D You can only go outside after you reach a certain level of fame that's escaping me at the moment :)