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Hello! In answer to your questions:

You can use anything that you're legally allowed to use. It's up to you to check whether or not the creator of those assets has given permission. So whether or not you're allowed to use a tileset you found on an RPG Maker forum comes down to whether the creator of that tileset allows people to use it in their projects.

No, covers of songs are not allowed. The only exception to this would be if you actually obtained a license to use the cover song in a game.

NOTE: this is almost completely broken at the moment, and the puzzles do not actually function.

When I have time in the next little while, I'll try to fix it and add actual gameplay, but my goal for this project was mostly to have a look at Godot 4.

So, for the moment, it's just the beginnings of an RPG system, with some cool lenses in the first room and two entirely broken puzzles.

Let us know if you need any help! :-)

It looks like you're missing files! For a Unity build there should be more than just the .exe file, and all of it needs to be zipped and uploaded to Itch.

I love the overall atmosphere and the many dialogue options!

Great work! :-)

I love the character creator, and the narration was great!  It's also fun to just walk around knocking stuff over with my sneaky creature. :-)

One of my favourite features, though, has to be how everything jiggles around when you change an attribute.  It's just adorable...

Using EasyRPG (drop-in replacement for the RPG Maker 2000/2003 engine) might help.  That's what I'm using to run the game on Linux...

I love the puzzles, and the Confoosimal design is great!

You should be able to upload new versions without overwriting the old ones from the game's dashboard.  

I think if you're using the Itch web interface to upload, you'd actually have to specifically delete old versions manually if you want them gone.

You could also give the original version a display name of something like "Game Jam Version" to keep track of which one is which.

Of course, I love basically anything involving penguins...

That was a fun gameplay mechanic!

"LunarPenguin fell from a high place"

Nice job, Potato!  Even though I wasn't able to find all the secrets (I'll probably replay and see if I can find more stuff), that was really fun!

A true masterpiece.