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He's absolutely breaking the dress code but no one stops him. They're either scared to comment, don't care, and/or think it's hot.

There seems to be a bug-- if you don't look at the diary before getting the key, it might not register as complete. I'm unable to fix this for now, you may have to reload from before getting the key, sorry!

It might start a bit depressing, but I promise it's a hopeful story in the end! ;w; It's not everyone's cup of tea, though.

Yes, that's a progressive loading issue in the browser version! Which is why I put a note about audio issues in the description.

Yes, the title screen stays the same! There will be a full version of the article posted somewhere soon, though!

Thank you! :)

Hi, while I really appreciate you making fan content, I'm incredibly uncomfortable with my voice being used to train AI. Could you please take down the AI covers? The OST vid is ok to keep up, though, as long as it's properly credited to the musician!

Understandable!! I'll use just the headline (which fits in the word count) and some scribbles to imitate words for the rest on the menu. Thank you!

Hello!! Bit of a last-minute question, I have an idea for the main menu featuring a mock newspaper article about events prior to the game. The mockup article would be used separately for promo, and in the menu a good chunk of the text would be visible. Would that be okay, or is that against the spirit of the jam to have so much text that's not in-game on the menu?

So sorry, it ended up like that because of jam time limitations but I'm planning on updating the UI so it's more readable very soon!!

You can play the browser version on android, it just might be a little wonky. Yes, it's a renpy game!

Thank you so much!! Voice acting has been my passion for years, I'm really happy it's been recieved so positively and I'd love to do a lot more VA in the future!

Thanks so much!! :) Sound will be adjusted in the full version!

Thanks so much for the feedback!! :) There will be more voice acting in the full version (though not every line fully voiced), and the UI+icon and sound issues will definitely be fixed!

Thanks so much! :) Stay tuned for the full release!

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Now looking for a sprite artist, UI artist, and composer/audio mixer to join our team, as well as collecting demo reels from interested VAs!

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Lucy doesn't know what to expect from her new job, but it's definitely not murder. A coworker wearing a bigfoot costume is found dead after a mysterious blackout during the department Halloween party, and it’s up to Lucy to narrow down the suspects before the police arrive. Everyone has a motive, and everyone has something to hide. Can she solve the mystery before anyone else gets hurt?

Hi! I'm Professor Oneira, head developer/writer/programmer/VA for "Who Killed Bigfoot?" At this time, we're looking for a sprite artist, UI artist, and composer + audio mixer. For an example of my previous work, I developed Cultivating Happiness for the 2022 O2A2 VNJam. 

*Promo image not indicative of final product. Sadly we will not be using a png of an actual bigfoot costume for sprites.


Inspirations include Danganronpa, Zero Escape, Ace Attorney, Severance, The Office, Parks & Recreation, Knives Out, Clue, the Solve This Murder podcast, and various other murder mystery fiction. I aim for a good balance of dark and light, like a workplace sitcom with more murder, and a darker tone shift towards the end. The story will deal with workplace relationships and the fact that many people don’t really know their coworkers, putting up a professional front at work while hiding a lot about themselves, and the corporate pressures that affect them. Gameplay-wise, the game will be a visual novel (of course) with point and click elements in the vein of Danganronpa or Ace Attorney, and a big twist that will lead to a tone shift and multiple endings. Estimated word count is 10-15k.


LUCY DUPIN (The New Hire)
Costume: Sherlock Holmes 
Fresh out of college and new at the company, Lucy is determined to make a good impression. She didn’t expect her go-getter attitude and love of murder mysteries would lead to her solving an actual murder, though. When everyone around her has something to hide, can she really trust any of her coworkers?

MS. CHEN (The Manager)
Costume: Professional Vampire
A strong leader respected for her tough but fair attitude, Ms. Chen knows how to run a team. She’s used to being judged for her looks and shutting down rumors about how she got her position. But maybe there’s some truth in her willingness to get her hands dirty?

DAVE JOHNSON (The “Comedian”)
Costume: A Formal Apology
An easygoing guy who loves playing pranks and entered the company thanks to his uncle’s recommendation. Dave considers himself the office clown, though most of his jokes fall flat. What might happen if his jokes are taken a bit too far?

SALEM FARES (The Recluse)
Costume: Skeleton
A quiet, unassuming coworker considered gloomy by their peers, Salem keeps their head down and gets work done. Due to their non-confrontational nature, they often get saddled with extra work. What might happen if they get tired of being pushed around?

Costume: Bigfoot
A cheerful, energetic guy who spends all his free time (and some of his work time) working out. Gives the most comprehensive report breakdowns in the office, but thinks the sun and moon are the same size. What might he be capable of with those muscles?

TOM WATTS (The Security Guard)
Costume: None :( He has a little ghost pin though, to get in the spirit.
The sole security guard on shift Halloween night. He means well and has good intentions, but he’s... not the sharpest knife in the shed. Or is he hiding something too?


SPRITE ARTIST(S): There are 6 characters who need sprites, plus one character who can either be just a head or not seen at all. One character will also need an outfit variation. Ideally, I would like at least 2-3 poses for characters (with pose variants being primarily arm/head movements). There are design sketches for some characters, but most will need to be designed/redesigned(with references).  Multiple artists for sprites welcome-- note your interest in lineart or coloring if interested in just doing one!

UI ARTIST: We’ll need basic custom UI stuff and some additional features like an inventory screen. Details can be discussed!

MUSIC/AUDIO MIXING: Looking for a composer to join another for 5-6 original tracks, and optionally more if there's time and willingness. I will provide context for how tracks will be used and inspirations for each. Ability and willingness to mix audio preferred. I plan for the game to have partial voice acting made of soundbytes and occasional fully acted scenes. I'll be directing VAs and cutting lines, so audio mixing would only involve mastering overall audio levels, and you may be asked to assist in finding appropriate additional music and sound effects as needed. 

VOICE ACTORS: Though not ready to cast quite yet, we will need some VAs in the near future (3M, 1F, 1NB), so feel free to DM your demo reel if interested.

If interested in any role, DM me on discord (Arakachi#9828) or Twitter (@ProfessorOneira). I look forward to working with you! :)