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Love it and the music and I love finding easter eggs

This is going to be a fun day.

I gave it a try while recording

This is fun and tricky and creative.

I'll try again....Once I get back from Abu Dhab....Sansfield sent me packing.

This is awesome, The attck patterns had me on high alert.

You're very welcome

I did a let's play of this game.
I really enjoyed it.

I love it, I love this mix of Cotton and Twinbee and a touch of Magical Chase.

Great game and the music is catchy.

You're welcome and ty for the QoL features

My 1st go at it.

Thank you and keep up the great work.

This did motivate me to start my MV game

I like it, I got a few of the endings in my video run.

Also Super Paper Mario is my fave. Paper Mario game too.

I like it, This can also be a fun thing to try and speed run.

I did a video cuz....I had too, I'm a fan of stuff like this.

Keep up the good work.

Love it and looks great so far, Can't wait to see the future results

I did a full run of this game

It was a fun venture.

I was also moved by that message in the credits 

Wow I was so into this, I already beat the game, Nice.

Oh I gotta play this, After Mac Bat and Toree 1 and 2 and the Gamejam, I have to get in on this.

AMAZING! And glad things are working out.

Keep up the good work.

Sweet an update, I'm on it.

I did a game play run of this game, I love it.
I'm going to try a full run sooner or later and try the endless mode

You're very welcome

I finished the edits and adding the effects and more, I played and here's the video

Cute, I love how simple it is and how I can play it again and again.

I did a stage 1 run, Love the egg system, Gives me Klonoa vibes when I jump and throw the egg down

I'll try the other levels in due time.

I gave the this a go till I hit my limit

I love the humor and art style and the dancing intro

The tricky platforming was fair not impossible.

I gave the game a run, Very faithful and challenging and I love the rain system.

Also these new chars and patterns are amazing.

Aww thank you

You're welcome, I'm happy for you.

I did a run of Version 2.0

Love the improvements and love the music

Great job on your full release!

You're welcome and I will

I like it great work.
I did a video of myself trying the game out.

Keep up the great work.

I had fun with this game.
Keep up the good work.

I got to the 1st boss

Oooo I'll give this a try

Hiya I gave this a try and great job on your goal

I did a video....Wow that boss battle

Keep up the great work.

Love the game, I have the 1st one on Steam and got this one on Switch and did a full run

Amazing game, I love the Palmtree paradise and the 2nd version with the song playing.

The little hat and space helmet was too cute.

Keep up the good work.

My friend showed me this game and I had to give it a try and had fun.

I did a video

Really fun and a challenge

Oh sweet

Played it, Love it!

Keep up the good work

Amazing job on this,

I am loving this concept.

Keep up the good work

gotta be the recording tool, It happens time by time when recording some games, With out it the game runs a lot better and thank you about the switch info.

I'll look into it next time