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I did a full run of this game,
I had the urge to play this again after getting the good ending to Lunistice and playing Toree Saturn that I just had to beat this game.

Thank you kindly

You're very welcome 😊👍🏽

I had fun with this game.

I also love the design of Willow

Keep up the great work.

This was a fun game to play, I gotta get a handle on the combo system but overall this as a cute and fun game to play.

I all the levels and got a bronze on each one.

I had fun doing a run of this game so far.

I am sooooooo~ going to see this game to the end.
It's really fun and fluid.

You're very welocome and keep up the good work this was fun.

Great game I got to floor 30 till the 3 Emil heads got me

Keep up the good work.

Hiya I did a video of this game

I had fun with this.

This was a fun game to play, I stopped at the eel chase but overall I love this style of game.

I gave the game a go and had fun.

I am thankful for the reload button  since it keeps me on the floor since I had some layouts where I was unable to go on but was still able to play.

Over all a fun game.

Its all good its all good, I was trying the game last night, I did noticed I could not see until I press the color button, I wanted to wait cuz these things happen,

I remember when I made my 1st Android game in fusion and the HTML5 version was busted and my connection dropped for a bit and I was in FULL PANIC MODE.

Now that the build is fixed I'll give it ago and feedback. Things happen and you're quick to address these.

for a start of a project its pretty neat, I did noticed at one point I did a super jump and simple and I know you'll improve on this over time.

Keep up the good work.

Looking good

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Great homage to these games.
After seeing that video by Li Speaks, This is a good thing to play after that story at the end about the Angel and Devil.

Not yet but on my to do list

I gave this game is a go and I like it,

The grab roll is awesome and feels natural.

That makes sense, I can respect that.

Thats good, Ill be hovering around, Im just working on my next game project

Hello how are you today or night?

You're very welcome

Congrats on the full release

You're very welcome

I like this I was having so much fun, Also ty for adding Tan Cirno

This one was fun and had a cool idea like the fireworks battle.
Overall this was a fun run.

I'm a huge fan of games like these and your games are a treat to play.

Good game, I did not go that far in but I think its great, This does remind me to finish my run of Violet Detector 

You're welcome,  Also nothing wrong with making a stress reliever

Keep up the good work.

Thank you and cool art work

This is a nice concept of a collect and puzzle game

You're very welcome

Hiya Taska directed me to this and I wanted to support this.
I did a fun play video

At some point I was trying to see if I can push that robot off the map and was overall enjoying this.

Great project keep up the good work.

I had fun with this and did a video

This was a fun spin on Panel De Pon and classic RPG's

I did a video of this game, Really fun and had me thinking of my next moves.

Next 2 games in due time.

This was a fun change of pace.
I see I got the bad ending but this as fun

You're very welcome

Amazing game, I'm going to do a video one each one

a good amount of trail and error using fusion 2.5 and just general know how and test games to get the system to a passable point.

That means a lot to me and inspired  me to do more down the road

Thank you for playing.