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You're welcome, My bad for replying too late here

I played it and love it, I even did a video.

I'll have to go back and get that book in that one level

I did not even know you can do web comics on Itch

I did a video of me trying one of the modes in this game.

I tried to do videos of a run of the main story but I keep having video issues but the game itself I love it.

It's all good and I can see how its hard but I'm sure there's a gamer who can do it.

When there's a will there's a way.

Hiya I did a run of this game and love it.

I messed up on the B side 

Overall I love it, I can enjoy a good shump and magical girl game.

Hiya I gave this game a try, Love it.
Not trying to sound like a bot or a single minded person but I adore Touhou fan games and....There's a lot I can say.

I like it

Here's the game play I did

Thank you and good job on making this game

Good game keep up the good work

I did a full run of this game and HOoo was it a work out but I was glad to play it.

You're very welcome

Great game, I started off playing it on Google play.

I learned it was on itch and did a video

Cheers to that, As long as people can play it in any way or form is a win

Oh snap I honestly forgot Nintendo purged some of their eshops, I kept thinking it was just DSi 

Also my Wii U needs a new plug and have not been on my Wii U for a few years, I can't really check form within the system to see but knowing that Nintendo was purging and shutting some things down, Its possible

Great game I love it and I love the Mega Korone sprites and overall theme of the game,

I did a run of it, I did not clear all the levels but I did have fun.

Awww thank you~

Great game I saw it on the front page and had to give it a try,

I did a video trying it out

Keep up the good work

I can soooooooooooo respect that

Good to hear, Glad things are looking up, You kind of vanished but I'm glad you went to work on your game and stuff


Okay I am playing this game and I am LOVING IT! I guess due to playing Rabi Ribi this got my attention but I like this style,

Keep up the good work

The visuals are great, I love how each time the Princess changed the sprites would from causal wear, Bike, Yukatta.

Also the refs and in jokes are still funny and come out of no where.

Keep up the good work.

I have taken on the 1st game

I can't wait to see how things changed over time

You're very welcome and well creative with the Easter eggs

I did another run and this time I tried the Easter eggs, I did a few of them

You're very welcome

You're very welcome

Hiya I gave this game a go and I like it....I don't even play FPS like this that often but I love this style and wanted to give it a go. I did a video trying it out, I'm not the best but I wanted to see how far I can go

Great work and love the UI and themes

Hello I gave this game a go and I love it, 
I did a video of my 1st run

Amazing work

The flash output keeps having an error when I try to export it as a swf so I have to go .exe
I also have yet to buy the HTML5 output to try and export it as a multiplatform web game "Until I buy the full version I can only make an HTML 5 game with 3 frames" 

Flash is unable to happen and if it did I would only have it on Newgrounds since they have the NG Flash player

over time or maybe this year I am going to make the move to HTML5 overall

You're welcome and I tried it before but I should look into it again,

I tend to use Fusion and RPGmaker MV the most,
I do rarely use Contruct2 and GameStudio to test and try things out

I gave the game a try to level 10,
Very good and creative. I think this is the 1st legit game I played made in this engine and its a good one

Great work, I like this mix of Super Puzzle Fighter,
The sprite work is adorable and plays well

I gave it a test drive 

After playing games like Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo and Crystal Crisis online this could be something my friend and I try as an online battle.

Great work

You did a great job on that.

Also the game was a good challenge 

I like it and has that same humor and charm of AHIT

aww cute I like it

You're welcome and I love the comics

I love it!

Mr.Driller is a game I tend to play a lot and I love this, The game flows so well.

You're welcome

This is all over the place and I like it!