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I like it, Also the Cheatmen theme is a nice touch.

You're welcome, Keep up the good work

I love the art style

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I just gave the demo a try and I love these kinds of games with this silly sense of humor and cute style. 

Review video I did if you like

I like it, I was browsing the HTML5 games and saw this and had to try it, I like this concept. Keep up the good work

Heehee Thank you, I had fun drawing these frog symbols

Thank you and I'll try to have the full version done very soon

You're welcome

I had fun toying around with this.
Good job!

I even did a video of me testing it out.

You're welcome and keep up the good work on this

Ah okay and thank you


I got pass the Hate Face.

Ah I still have that build, I  did not do the video yet because you said some music was still being added but I can use the current build if you like.

I like this game, I need to do another gameplay for this 

This is a great game, I used Alice/Ana the most.

I even had fun posting stuff in the Miiverse when that was a thing.

Given the landscape of the gaming market I am going to get this on PC.

I love this game.

Keep up the good work