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Sure thing :) happy devving 

Yeah that's fine

I don't have a 1920x1080 version but the easiest way to remedy this (still kind of tedious) would be to resize the images. You can also find a bulk image converter and do it all at once, assuming it also preserves details as best as possible.

Hi, this is a very cool tool I've seen before from that poster. You can definitely take that and make it your own, such as use the same fundamentals but incorporate a different interface for it and use your own parts. The difference between this one and mine is mine uses buttons (on an imagemap) to select preexisting images whereas this one uses sliders to go through a list of colors to apply to the object directly. It's very easy to do and the code isn't complicated but you will definitely need some knowledge beforehand to understand it which I suggest for anyone using code snippets made from others, including mine.

Awesome, thanks!

You can use adjustment layers in photoshop to create multiple versions of the sprite with different skin tones and the backdrop/buttons were also made in photoshop 

Things are displayed in the order they're written so if you'd like certain elements to be rearranged, you can move them up or down, so you can display the sprite before displaying the imagemap in the script. (if that's what you mean) 


Awesome thanks!


Yes, the license is CC-BY meaning you can use the music in your games, just credit LunaLucid somewhere for that music thanks^^

Yeah, so I'm using Tiler (I saw your note about GM2 and tried that out for a minute with the tilesets) but I don't know how to go about doing 16x32 and offsetting etc I might be better off doing 4x4 lol

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I'm most likely doing something wrong but I can't seem to align objects to the middle of surfaces (as presented in examples such as a bowl of fruit on the counter) since the graphics are at the bottom of the tile. Do you have any advice for this? I'm new to tile based games

I've managed to make it work with tileset/tilemap settings to be to 4 instead of 16 but I don't know if this is how it was intended to be used. 

Great, thanks for the reply.

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Hey, maybe a dumb question but how do I add multiple tiles to one animation frame? As I'm only able to add one tile at a time it seems. (doors having two tiles to make up the full door image for example)
or is the solution to create two animations simultaneously, top of the door and bottom? Thanks.

Both of your asset packs are just so visually appealing, these are so great thank you. I can't wait to see more


Sweet^^ thanks for sharing :)

There isn't, it's just a template to use as a reference or adapt as your own for your game so players can create a character with these assets or your own using the code. However, the images are in a folder and you can layer those put them together in photoshop or another program and save those images.

No problem. I'm going to add a disclaimer at the top so hopefully that helps clear up any confusion in the future. I can also easily release an executable where you just open it and mess around with the dress up but I felt that it wasn't enough to be a game to play.

Once you extract the zipped file - put the unzipped folder "Keri-Dressup-RenPy-Template" into your "Renpy Projects" folder and that is all that needs to be done. Be sure to press "refresh" at the top of the list on the Ren'Py launcher. Just to add (as I've said before and in case it was unclear) this is a template to work from (and learn from) to potentially adapt into your own games. It isn't a game. You can run it as one to test out the dress-up mechanics but in order to utilize it for what it's for, you'll need to know how to code in Ren'Py. There's a lot of questions about simply opening the project which is the easiest part, so just know this is a coding template. Thank you. 

Awesome! Thanks for sharing :)

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If you move the unzipped folder to the same directory Ren'Py shows project folders (and press refresh), it should. 

It should be LunaLucid#1991 (again)

This is meant to be opened with the Ren'Py engine. It isn't an executable. 

great <3

Yep, that's what it's there for essentially so feel free :)

I'm pretty sure all pieces are simply cc-by license so there is no restriction on what engine they are used in.

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Yeah, this one is CC-BY license so commercial use is okay. And wherever you put the rest of your game's credits, you can put it there. LunaLucid Music is fine

Yes, if you're using the sprites as well just be sure to credit Konett.

Thank you^^ :)


Thank you, be sure to credit Konett if you use any of the sprite art. I just coded it and made the interface^^

Since I updated the code and uploaded new files, it seems that it didn't keep them separated since you can purchase the commercial version. I fixed this. I'm sorry about that.  They should be separate now - those of who happened to get both the last time they downloaded this, feel free to reach out to me for any questions. 

I'm honestly not sure. I'd assume so since it has the CC-BY license but if you'd like to check to be safe, ask Konett since that is their asset.

Hey, sorry about that. Someone contributed some updated code and it caused a bug, this will be fixed pretty soon. 

This isn't an executable, just a template for the Ren'Py engine^^

Yes you may, just credit Konett if you use the character sprite art in this at the very least, thanks^^

Yes, and if you use this sprite make sure to credit 'Konett'. Thank you :)