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I'm honestly not sure. I'd assume so since it has the CC-BY license but if you'd like to check to be safe, ask Konett since that is their asset.

Hey, sorry about that. Someone contributed some updated code and it caused a bug, this will be fixed pretty soon. 

This isn't an executable, just a template for the Ren'Py engine^^

Yes you may, just credit Konett if you use the character sprite art in this at the very least, thanks^^

Yes, and if you use this sprite make sure to credit 'Konett'. Thank you :)

Sweet! Thanks :)

Well, if people wanted to record and steal something - that's on their conscience as it would be illegal haha But thank you! I've been looking for sites like that and haven't found ones I like. I do happy songs too :) I'll have a lot of variation once I get going. 

I love it. I wouldn't mind listening to this constantly in a game. 

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I'd really like to create some music bundles that I can sell but I am curious as to what people would pay? I don't want it to be TOO cheap simply for the reason that it would probably be better if less games have the same music, you know what I mean? (or do you have a different opinion?) To give you an example of what some bundles might sound like, I am working on an 'emotional piano music' bundle I'm going to put up. There might be only 3-6 songs (maybe different versions/loopables). If these songs were really nice and not too repetitive/bland, how much would you pay so you can use them in your game? Any other input? Thank you! :)

I added a song I'm working on (not finished) to give you an idea of the quality. I think this bundle will only be piano sounds (no added percussion/strings etc though a lot of my work is pretty layered usually)
Piano piece example

Additional question: Would people ever purchase just one song? Like for a dollar or two. If I ever happened to just upload one song sometimes. Thanks again