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Incredibly confusing. I've spent over 20 minutes trying to figure out how to solve the first puzzle and I don't get it. Please change something or give us a hint system or something to make these weird-ass puzzles bearable. 

I know I'm a TAD bit late on this response, haha, but the .jar is actually inside the Contents folder, under Resources.

Hey! The in-browser game seems much shorter and a bit less polished (Dialogue is in the bottom black box instead of above the character's head) than your playthrough. Could you tell me where you got this version, where it continues after interacting with the radio in the dream sequence?

You have to start flying while you're still in the air. Totally doable, just difficult and only necessary for the true end! :)

Wow, I somehow managed to miss that. Thank you so much!

Hey, I've been having a lot of fun with this game but I keep getting stuck at different points. Looking at other comments, I've heard that there's a walkthrough, but I haven't been able to find it. Could you send a link to it?

Hey! This is a really fun game, but I found a small glitch where, when running out of battery while being pushed up by a fan, the level doesn't actually restart.

The web version, I'm on MacBook so I can't install it.

The passive-aggressive comments are, while annoying, highly motivating. All in all, a great part of a great game!

Shows nothing but a solid blue screen. :/