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I think the issue is, everyone's playing the game for long enough that they don't stay at low level, and as such there's no low-level enemies for the early areas. So in a way, your gamedev skills have come back to bite you I suppose.

Also, the game runs very slowly at high-DPI resolutions, maybe the filter you're using on the pixel art?

Utter nightmare, getting the good skills is totally up to luck :|

It's fun but I wish there was an offline mode or something because I am not good at video game (and also the multiplayer functionality seems a little busted, gives you really high-level guys even in the first area for whatever reason)

Amazing game. Found most of the secrets on my own, had to look up one but I'm glad I found most of them on my own! Still wondering if it's possible to get to that ! thingy

That's part of the game. Just wait a few seconds and it'll move.

I love arena fighters, so this is probably going to be great. Looking forward to seeing how it plays!