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Started to work on a basic HUD/UI, sounds and adding enemies.

Also the touch controls are working (on Android at least)
Now that the basic stuff is done, onto adding stuff.

No bugs so far, I really enjoy the new Scene outliner rework. Still I'm not really qualified to give feedback since I'm such a terrible coder and new to Godot :)
(on a side note the Android export template using GLES 2 worked on my old Nexus7 tablet.)

Regarding shooting through the thrusters, I thought it could had some novelty to the gameplay but it was clunky and counter intuitive in the end. Maybe if there was some gravity, will try.

So I reverted to front shooting direction and got the rocks split mechanics and basic fxs working.

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Hi, started to build a simple small scale arcade game, trying 3.1 beta.

Thanks a lot. Looking forward to this summer Jam :)

Thanks a lot !

Ok ! Just post a list of the elements you need in the dev thread so we can have a little roadmap :)

Thanks !

Did a quick logo for the game.

Hi, which kind of game would you like to make ?

Depending on the amount of graphics you need I would gladly give a hand.

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Hi !

Working on a super simple classroom surveillance simulation.

Did a quick mockup one week ahead of the compo. Am I allowed to resume working on this project for the jam ?