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Haha what a great playthrough. Nice dogs, too!

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This was lovely to watch! Pretty sure that's the fastest I've seen anyone get to the 'good ending'. You're now the speedrunner champion! Congrats!

Haha I love the editing on this!

What a delightful playthrough! Thanks so much for playing my weird and silly game :).

Any chance of a Mac build, Bryce? This looks lovely and weird and I would very much like to consume it. 

Hey guys.

Check my new game. it's an interactive fiction game in which you will die.

Have fun!

Thanks very much @Misterm!

This was a lot of fun. Very slick! 

A little bts devlog.

Thanks for playing! You can make the enemies location from their heavy breathing. I might work on a visual indicator in a future build!

Thanks for playing @Superkirbs5!

lol yeah. I might go back and add instructions to the beginning of the game when I can. 

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Thanks for playing @Sfunk92!

I was actually trying to make it difficult for people to see where they were.

 My plan was to unmoor the player, make them question what they were stepping into. 

You can climb the walls btw, but I definitely should've made that clearer. I was hoping to have some instructions but didn't get time to implement them.  

This was fun! Nice funky/spooky music.

I know what you mean. This game has a playtime of about 1 minute at most.

Great work :D


Thanks RedSwan! 
Even I'm not sure what kind of games I'll be making. Hopefully good ones!


Ha this was fantastic! Thanks so much for playing.

How did you know my nickname!?


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Thanks. You're cool!