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Luke Cunningham

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For sure, I think I would have clarified most of these things with more time. For starters, the goal is simply to escape the maze. If you still want to try to complete it, the exit is always at the top middle of the map. The Minotaur uses a basic pathing algorithm  and will always seek the player using the current shortest route, but the changing walls force it to find a new path, so it's possible to hardly ever come across it; it's also possible that walls open up for the Minotaur, leading it directly to you! Thank you for the feedback; I was quite pleased with how the lighting and the sounds turned out.

Yeah, you're right on the money. It was intentional to sacrifice fairness for the sake of forcing the player to become lost. In retrospect, I think I took it too far and a mini-map would do the game wonders. If you're still interested in trying to beat it, I can tell you that A) the maze cycles between 3 different mazes, B) your location and the location of the Minotaur in the maze do not change when the walls change, and C) the exit is at the top middle on each of the mazes. Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for playing my game! Yeah, I was afraid it might be too confusing but also didn't want to give too much control, per the theme. Maybe I went too far, haha.

Very difficult, I was always in the way of my co-workers, just like real life! ):

At the risk of dating myself, the art (and especially color) reminds me of an old gameboy game. Thanks for the nostalgia!

I always have too many carrots! Even with improved quality and lowest possible price I can't get rid of them fast enough. Fun game, very polished art.

Excellent game! Love the music, very cute

Got pretty far, but not sure if there's an ending where you win. Either way, well done!

Thanks! It was a lot of fun to make.

Wow! this game is so polished. Very good!

Very cool! Easy to understand, but got challenging quickly. It took a minute to figure out the twin-stick  controls.