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If it were possible I would ask for some plot of this game if it had one. The plot is not available on the Internet.

Thanks for sharing first hand. I hope you will share more of your work in which you participated, and here I played:


This is great. Played: 

Great game but I found one mistake. Character hangs on a pin.

well, only you record all games as you go, not the ones you like. :/

Great game. Played: 

Great game.I played:

Nice game and a lot of fun for my Commodore 64:

Schönes Spiel und viel Spaß für meinen Commodore 64:

Świetna gra i duzo zabawy na moim Commodore 64:

Great game. I played: 

I recommend it even better than the first one. I hope for the next parts of the game. 

Oczywiście było grane (in Polish) .

Yes I did. There is a link under each game. I hope for more great "Game & Watch" games.

This is great. Played:

This is great. Played: 

This is great. Played: 

I still play. Super game on my Commodore 64:

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I still play. Super game on my Commodore 64: