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I played a great game on YT a year ago/Grałem rok temu na kanale YT świetna gra .

Good game

A really cool and addictive game ;) / Naprawdę fajna i wciągająca gra ;)


I write in the Description under each film ;)                                                     

"Ps. If there are any slowdowns, jumps, clipping, I apologize in advance, but the games are played on real devices connected to the image relay, later to the PC and recorded in the program."

The game has been enabled on real Commodore 64 .  :/

I played Commodore 64 is really great.

It's really great. I look forward to further development of the game.

To naprawdę wspaniałe. Nie mogę się doczekać dalszego rozwoju gry.

  素晴らしいゲーム / Great game

怖かった/I was afraid :D

This is great, finally I have my favorite games on The C64 mini and maxi.

To jest świetne, wreszcie mam moje ulubione gry na C64 mini i maxi.

これは素晴らしいです。最後に、C64 miniとmaxiでお気に入りのゲームを手に入れました。

面白いゲームでさえ / Even an interesting game / Nawet ciekawa gra

If it were possible I would ask for some plot of this game if it had one. The plot is not available on the Internet.

Thanks for sharing first hand. I hope you will share more of your work in which you participated, and here I played:


This is great. Played: 

well, only you record all games as you go, not the ones you like. :/

Great game.I played:

Nice game and a lot of fun for my Commodore 64:

Schönes Spiel und viel Spaß für meinen Commodore 64:

Świetna gra i duzo zabawy na moim Commodore 64:

Great game. I played: 

I recommend it even better than the first one. I hope for the next parts of the game. 

Oczywiście było grane (in Polish) .

Yes I did. There is a link under each game. I hope for more great "Game & Watch" games.

This is great. Played:

This is great. Played: 

This is great. Played: 

I still play. Super game on my Commodore 64:

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I still play. Super game on my Commodore 64: