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This is really cool

It's really fun! But it has one big problem:

I can't see where the picture was located, which is necessary to improve. And as someone already stated, the scoring is a bit harsh.

Still well made!

Hi! If you're having trouble with the virus, there's a solution in the screenshots. 

A few hints for the fire: the fire works just like the virus, but uses the tag of the wood under 'move if'.  So if your wood got the tag burnable or something, select it on your fire. 

And if you also need hints for the smoke: It is upside down sand and randomizes directions. 

If I have time I'll maybe create a guide for these. 

Nice idea, would be cool if the levels were randomly generated

I like it, but controlling the bird feels heavy and slow, even with the fast bird

The idea of switching between ghost and human is good, but it's not used well

I really like the idea! Dragging the bees around is pretty satisfying, but it's not rewarding enough. For example a little number popping up telling you you just scored some points would make it better, and also some sound effects.

Another cool idea would be a combo bonus, when the bee collects all needed flowers in one path. 

And to make it harder, you could add spikes which need to be avoided.

It is reaaaaaaallllyy slow

Frustrating, but has potential. A few new gameplay elements would make the game better

Why is the music so depressing

It's fun