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Check if your usage is configured normally (nothing should be at 0% except Singularity). 

Every time you buy PCs, buy max DSGs once and activate the black hole once. Buy all PC upgrades, money tree upgrades, CPU factories, CPU upgrades and buy max the triple GHz upgrade. Then activate black hole while buying max DSGs a few times, then buy max triple GHz upgrade and buy max DSGs. Now you buy more PCs and repeat this 2 or 3 times. If there's too many viruses, simply feed the black hole, buy PCs and feed it again until they're gone. 

This is a long comment but it's really just buying everything and removing viruses with the black hole. 

Pretty much fixed all the problems I had with the first Fortnite. Nice!

Sure, I've uploaded an apk. It's downloadable on the game's page. It might tell you it's a virus, though you can ignore that (you can upload the apk to Virustotal if you don't trust me). Beware that the game is not meant to be played on mobile, although possible. Ignore the cloud saving warning window upon starting the game.

Since automation is disabled, you have to be sure that you're using every mechanic (PC upgrades, tree branches, apple upgrades, CPU factories and all the CPU upgrades). Activate the black hole when there's a few viruses, they slightly slow your PC down. 

Hey, he is talking about SC repair 4 in which these multipliers appear. If you need help with progression I could help you. It sounds like you're stuck on SC repair 3?

>How long to beat

~3 hours (without offline progress)


A stranger emailed you a weird program which requires a humongous amount of RAM. Luckily, you had installed an app that downloads RAM and exponentially increases your download speed!


Download RAM Idle is a fast-paced idle game that gradually introduces new mechanics keeping everything fresh and the numbers growing. It has polynomial growth as well as 2 prestige layers.

Lucky you

The world isn't infinite, that's the world border (the purple pixels) 

Thanks for posting a Youtube video. Seeing someone play the game is very fun! I'm glad you enjoyed it. 

Sorry this happened, what exactly did you do to become stuck? 

Thanks for the report then! 

Glad you like it! Did the camera bug happen on the default world size? I don't recall putting the camera in a fixed position. 

If you mean the robots, press R to place them at your cursor (they need to be placed on empty space) and then select any of the 8 directions. 

Really glad you like it! There are only 2 bosses so you got all of them.

It told me I played Apex Legends and csgo even though I have never played those games. It got Half Life 2 right though

This is really cool

It's really fun! But it has one big problem:

I can't see where the picture was located, which is necessary to improve. And as someone already stated, the scoring is a bit harsh.

Still well made!

Hi! If you're having trouble with the virus, there's a solution in the screenshots. 

A few hints for the fire: the fire works just like the virus, but uses the tag of the wood under 'move if'.  So if your wood got the tag burnable or something, select it on your fire. 

And if you also need hints for the smoke: It is upside down sand and randomizes directions. 

If I have time I'll maybe create a guide for these. 

Nice idea, would be cool if the levels were randomly generated

I like it, but controlling the bird feels heavy and slow, even with the fast bird

The idea of switching between ghost and human is good, but it's not used well

It is reaaaaaaallllyy slow

Why is the music so depressing

It's fun