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Thanks a lot, I'll keep in touch how it goes :)

Thanks for the quick reply! Ok but it's still not clear to me, when the players attack in melee and miss, do they generally get hurt (like in Troika for exemple)? If not, how do you resolve monster attacks?

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I'm not sure how combat work. My instinct tells me the intent would be that if you attack and fail, you take damage (instead of players rolling, then monsters rolling) but if you could clarify that, that'd be nice 🙂. 

Also, from your experience (or others here), how much hearts for a boss?

Love it ❤

Hi! Thanks, actually in English we'd translate voyou as gangster, not thugs. So tech would be for the hackerman trope (which is very 90's too). Love your idea for the English acronym, thanks! We'll include that for sure!

Hey Diogo, it's Luigi/Igiul/Louis-Joseph. I'll was planning to do it later, but I'll try to release my 5 rooms dungeon under for the jam :)

It was my contribution as per our exchanges, because I'll be printing a copy of Minimal Borg to put in my 300 kickstarted zines so as to make it playable even for people without the Mörk Borg book :).

What are supposed to be Gutter Scrolls? I think in my zine I will say that if people are using your rules, they should take Tablets of Ochre Obscurity instead for the power inside the scroll.

Oh good idead, didn't know you could do that! I thought it had to be added in Roll20 or other VTTs after the upload. I think I put a light source on one level, for the stove or something, but it was just for the visual effect.

As I said, I'm not sure I'll work more on this, but feel free to take the file, add it and then share your upgraded map! If not, it will be on my future to do list haha.

Also, there is a typo with the preacher on Powers vs Omens :)

Haha yes, eager to check that too! Thanks, of course I'll attribute it, but I think there is no signature in Minimal Borg, maybe I'll have to add a letter with it explaining what it is and pointing to your itch. Also, you can write to me in private, I could send you a couple zines, at least. Anyways, thanks again and take care :)

Hi! I really want to talk to you about a collab, I'd like to include your Minimal Borg as an extra reward to all my physical backers. It would be without charges to them and I already bought at the recommanded price your hack, but could contribute more if you prefer.

I think Minimal Borg is good way for people who don't have the rules of Mörk Borg or are still not very familiar with them to be introduced to the game.

I'd like to announce it in my next update, which should be tomorrow, or for my end-of-campaign message next Tuesday. You can also find me on Facebook if you prefer private messages (and then I can delete that one)

Ohhhhhh so niiiiiiice, thanks :D !

Is there a deadline for the campaign or it's until the goal is reached?