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Mind Games is chill, groovy, blues & jazz styled music for puzzle games & platformers.

This music pack includes ready-to-go full loops, in addition to stems & sequences. You can craft the emotion exactly how you need it based on your narrative or game mechanic needs.

10/10 modern day metal gear solid experience.

Srsly though, well done!

Played to the end and damn there’s room for a second disc to be made let’s just say that lol.

Chill at a cafe, drink coffee and play games! Perfect for any situaiton that needs a jazz vibe.

High-speed racing music heavily inspired by classic games like R4 and Gran Turismo.

You must leave but you’re stuck. Designed to be played dynamically according to game events if needed.

Moody music for solving a puzzle.

Perfect for chorin’ around the farm in the sun.

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Music for all types of classic RPG & Action Adventure locations! Ready to go, easy to customize.

Roguelike Adventure Music Pack is the essential music pack for any game that needs high quality, memorable tunes that are ready to go for your game, right now.

Each track has a variety of full length or seamlessly loopable versions and sections. You can craft the emotion exactly how you need it based on your narrative or game mechanic needs. If you prefer to do it the old fashioned way and just set it on loop, as is, this pack also has you covered.

Included are a variety of classic video game themed locations such as:

  • Castle
  • Cave
  • Desert
  • Dungeon
  • Forest
  • Hills & Valleys
  • Ruins
  • Sewers
  • Town
  • Winter

This pack also includes other essential game sounds like:

  • Title music
  • Menu music
  • Victory music
  • Game Over music
  • Loot SFX
  • Treasure SFX

Perfect for a pause, save or loading menu. Chill background music.

This is a free track from my upcoming roguelike music pack that I’m working on!