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lucy allsaints

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When playing on mobile, the text comes out of the boxes for some reason and it's hard to read.

Screenshot of the game showing text out of its box/container and onto a picture, making it unreadable.

sad to see this game hasn't been developed anymore. :(
beside that, is someone trying to copy it here?

i really wanted to play this game, but i can't deal with paypal sadly.
if you will ever make the guest payment available, please share that info widely. :P

on a different note, is someone trying to copy your game here?

thank you very much for the reply.

wish you all the best. 💖

i love this game so much even though im not a fan of the genre. the beautiful art helped a lot. so sad it is still so short. 🥲

i also want to point out a possible level design issue and a bug in the level before the last.

first, if the bread ends up in the area that you see in the picture below, you're left without options to move on, am i right? was it on purpose?

but at the same time, yes, you have an option, because a bug will let your slice of bread slip under the door. 😂

hope this was helpful and that im not just talking bs. 🙃

are you going to port the game to a different engine given what's happening with unity?

best of luck in any case. 🧡

thank you. 😊

can't access play store, so i will be waiting for your update. 💖

hi! i wanted to try this game on android, but the zip archive makes it hard to install.

can you please just upload a straight apk file?

thank you. 💖

will be waiting. 😊

i will contact them.

thank you very much and sorry for the disturb. 


when is it going to be added to f-droid?

im trying to update a game (Mushroom Musume), but when i try to install the update i get an error "App conflicts with another package".

any idea why?

(1 edit)

having the same issue here.

when i try to install the update i get an error "App conflicts with another package".

any idea why?


i think it's just a matter of uploading the apk file on itchio so people can download it, but whatever, i guess i might just end up not playing the others. 🥲

take care.

guess it's a no?

thank you very very much! 💜😊

would it be possible to upload the apk file only for the android version? having to extract the file make the whole process harder and impossible to use through the mobile app (mitch).

thank you very much for the answer.

do you think you could upload the apk also here on itchio? i don't have a google account and i would really love to play your games.

that's sad 😭

thank you for answering though 

will you port this or any other of your games to android as well?

will you port this or any other of your games to android as well?

while would this dlc be available for android if the main game is not?

i was super excited to start playing it, but i can't get past the language selection page lol.
i select the language and after that it goes to a black screen and it's stuck there forever.

im playing it on linux through the itch desktop app.

has the game ever been tested on linux?
i have issues playing it and i can generally play games through wine.

can the soundtrack be found anywhere?

bought it today and im so in love!

however i just wanted to point out a possible issue.

it looks like the game screen is slightly larger than the actual screen on my phone, make it a bit difficult to press the button on the right hand side.

have you received other reports? or am i the only one so far?

Mitch community · Created a new topic list owned items

when i press the "See all" button to check all the games i have, that's what comes up:

definitely a bug, right?

thank you very much! 💜🥰


i just started the game, but it is very hard to read due to contrast between text and background. 

any way it can be changed in the settings or just fixed?

im playing it on my phone through the Mitch app btw.

thats smart 😮

good it's not just me then 😅

i basically access the menu only when i want to save and quit. lol.

i was about to say. couldn't input any text after yesterday update (writing this from my laptop in fact).
many many thanks <3

loving the game so far (just started chapter 1), but i wanted to point out something i noticed.

after defeating madhouse, you can choose to equip new dice, but that doesn't seem like a choice.

we are presented with a list of names and, the moment we click on one, we automatically equip and then find out the stats of the item.

is that how it is supposed to work or is it an issue? either way, i found it odd.

hi! here i am with a new report!

as per title, when posting comments on any itchio page, it is impossible to share/attach an image to the comment if posting through the Mitch app.

thank you for the clarification. 😊

i guess i will wait and see if mitch manage to solve the issue quickly then. 😁

here it is.

btw, the Mitch dev said it might be an issue related to CORS (no idea what that means) and they are looking into it as well.

no idea what CORS is, but u trust you lol.

tbf, it might affect more games, i just don't play that many. especially not at the same time. 😅

just got an update for mitch and now i can play (and see) the good people alright. 

thanks. 😁

me again!

the scrolling issue has been solved by mitch, but now i cant see the icons, not even with the friendly font.

tbf, i couldn't see them before neither, always had this problem, but the scrolling had priority. 😅

any advice on how to solve this if it is possible? 

Hybrid: i can now scroll! there is a problem with icons though, but it seems like it's related to twine?

The good people: nothing changed after update, background/contrast still makes it unreadable (it doesn't happen on my laptop).