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1. It worked! I finally finish my playthrough!


2. AAAHHHHH! WHTAHOTGHGNadljgavenktawlithalrhareg

3. *Screams in appreciation*

4. AAARRRGGGGGGGG!!!! "Still mine?" "Always"



Thank you for the amazing work (ToT)/~~~

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umm, my game seems to be stuck after interacting with broken vision and body.It doesn't continue and i can't open the menu either. I also can't move around at all, and the music stops abruptly.

Other than  that, DANG. I kinda guess how it led to it but still took me by surprised! Thank you for this delicious meal!

Umm, it said that the developer has not uploaded a game yet?

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Hello I adored this game, and replayed the demo so many times before decidding to just buy it XD. I got alot of the CGs already and loving the story so far, though... I still haven't found this one yet?


I was waiting on Steam and the moment I refresh the page and it has a "add to cart"..... I click it and buy so fast... it was all over in less than a minute XD

I can't wait to fully experience this amazing game! Thank you so much! 


Hello, I am in love with this game and the 0.6.0 version further enhance it with the achievement... but that's where my question is: How DO you reach an ending? Because I beat Apothus instead of joining him, became Lord of Lust and have meet you-know-who's spawn(?) but none of that led to an 'Ending' Can someone help me?

that's sounds great!.... One tiny problem.... Uhhh how do I do it? Like pay via PayPal on KS or another way? I've never backed a project before this one and I'm unsure of the process

I have the same question regarding if I can pay by PayPal as well...

The demo is AMAZING! But I have meet with an issue, I can't seem t exit the Grimore? I don't know if this is because i couldn't find the return button or if it's because of something else, but I have to save before opening the grimore else i can't exit it.

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Um I pre-ordered this game then played for a while before uninstalling it for other stuff, but now when I wanted to download it again to play, it doesn't let me? Normally itch let's you know how long you've bought this game for, but now I can't see the download link anymore and it said I have to pay 20$ again to buy the game? 

Is it possible to recover my purchase pls? I can't even see this game in the "My purchase" on itch anymore.

Edit: I still have it on my steam account...I just can't find it on my Itch account

I can't see the buy button for it cause it said I already own this game, but when I click download, it also said there's nothing to download? Am I doing something wrong?

Prepare to be assaulted with my money! *Ready my wallet* 😎😏💸💰👀

OMG THIS IS SO SUDDEN AAAAHHHHHi saw my email notifying me and I was :O for like .... 2 min and again after re reading this entire page 3 times ...AAAAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHH ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

I've just bought the game a day ago and I've (surprisingly) finish all of the routes.... They were all amazing!!!

I always went into VN games saving who I believe to be my type character (Finn) route last or who I think i would love as a friend but not as a romance last (Omen).............. OoO....... I was completely taken back by how much I love Omen route and his past & personalities that where slowly revealed throughout the playthrough...... At the same time, the game and minitwo ending for Omen brings me to literal tears!!!!

Amazing job!!! So totally worth it! 

Can i ask if its posible for an itch key for pre-ordering? My Steam account is having problems so I can't download it using steam

KAY KAY!! Thank you sooo much !!

While i look forwardto the next update, i still can't play the game on my mac so can i ask that you guys fix this issue? Please?

Yeeees! I did! I just didn’t get the chance to play it then and there! Now you’ve made me even more hyped up!!!

Thank you!!! So much!! It was sooooo worth it!

OMG I love this game soooo much!!! Just from replaying the Demo over and over and over and over and over and... well you get the point! I can't wait till the game is finish and throw my money at you! ( In a really good and non offensive way )

PS. I manage to get the 2nd and 3rd to help me but can I get the 1st to help ?? If yes then how? That was the only thing I couldn't figured out.

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It opened!!!! Thank you so much!!!! Also I just want you to know hat I had a lot of moment where I just stare at the screen and mentally screaming at the choices that the games present( In a terribly good way!!! ;) ) Thank you so much!!!

P.S is there not a gallery option where we could view our past C.Gs??

I download the game to play it on my Mac but the .exe file won't open??? None of them open so what should I do???

Thank you! TToTT I was so excited when I saw the post that I immediately clicked buy but I wasn’t until later when I went to the main page did I see my other purchases over 4 months ago...


Yay!! Thank you soooo muuuucchhh!!! i'm eagerly looking forward to it!!!

lol i finished the new demo just now and then compare it t the first one i downloaded,,,,, it has gotten alot better!!! I shared it too so i hope the extented demo campaign will be on soon!!

p.s: i also pre-order it with the artbook tag along, i look forward to playing this game! Thank you for your hardwork!