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KAY KAY!! Thank you sooo much !!

While i look forwardto the next update, i still can't play the game on my mac so can i ask that you guys fix this issue? Please?

Yeeees! I did! I just didn’t get the chance to play it then and there! Now you’ve made me even more hyped up!!!

Thank you!!! So much!! It was sooooo worth it!

OMG I love this game soooo much!!! Just from replaying the Demo over and over and over and over and over and... well you get the point! I can't wait till the game is finish and throw my money at you! ( In a really good and non offensive way )

PS. I manage to get the 2nd and 3rd to help me but can I get the 1st to help ?? If yes then how? That was the only thing I couldn't figured out.

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It opened!!!! Thank you so much!!!! Also I just want you to know hat I had a lot of moment where I just stare at the screen and mentally screaming at the choices that the games present( In a terribly good way!!! ;) ) Thank you so much!!!

P.S is there not a gallery option where we could view our past C.Gs??

I download the game to play it on my Mac but the .exe file won't open??? None of them open so what should I do???

Thank you! TToTT I was so excited when I saw the post that I immediately clicked buy but I wasn’t until later when I went to the main page did I see my other purchases over 4 months ago...


Yay!! Thank you soooo muuuucchhh!!! i'm eagerly looking forward to it!!!

lol i finished the new demo just now and then compare it t the first one i downloaded,,,,, it has gotten alot better!!! I shared it too so i hope the extented demo campaign will be on soon!!

p.s: i also pre-order it with the artbook tag along, i look forward to playing this game! Thank you for your hardwork!