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I remember playing a super, super old version of this many years ago, browser only, before I even heard of Wonder if it holds up...

Was gonna say it had some serious SDT vibes, until I noticed the "inspired by" line.

Why on earth is there a lizard here? Oh, sorry, you're not a lizard. My mistake, carry on.

Probably not your highest priority, but this doesn't install using the desktop app, so I have to manually download and unzip every update.

It's really not a huge inconvenience, just a bit annoying.

Game's great otherwise.

SugarCube just looks nice to, imo. Harlowe is a bit blunt to look at without some serious CSS.

Personally, I would recommend writing with SugarCube. Harlowe is great for beginners, but SugarCube has a lot more versatility and a built-in sidebar you could use for some pretty cool stuff.

It's clearly not abandoned since the dev responded to someones comment three days ago (as of March 26). It's entirely possible that this Itch page intentionally offers an older version so that Patrons have access to a newer version than the free-to-players, so as to offer more incentive to pay.

A lot of game devs do this, sorta like how the free version of Ravenfield is a much older version than the paid Steam version.

I agree with this too. That would've prevented me losing all my custom ships when my old computer conked out on me.

I still miss my little Zephyr...

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It was never implemented (hence the term "non-functional Pre-Alpha)
Also, this game's development has been terminated and I'm working on a new project, sorry if this piqued your interest.

For those who don't know, RNJesus is the diety of RNG (Random Number Generator)

I'm sitting there, clearing out rooms without taking a single hit thinking, "Wow, RNJesus is on my side!" Next room I encounter, enemy rolls a perfect ten on three attacks in a row, and a 7,8,5 on defense, I died hard...

This is great, nice explanations too

Could you undo that change where the camera unlocks from "insignificant ships", or at least add an option where you can keep it locked on? 'Cause I like to sit there and blast every last tiny piece of a ship apart, and it's really hard to do that when it's flying away from the camera at Ls10

Well, you can be a game journalist if you wear diapers and drink from a bottle. As long as you look everything up on Wikipedia first, no one will be any the wiser.

If he were to update it, he'd probably make it paid like it is on Steam

That is all